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    Video: Acura NSX bodywork to be sheathed in zirconium e-coat, fewer paint layers

    Automakers make halo cars to drum up excitement and show off what they can do, but there's more to it than that. Advanced platforms allow a company's engineers to experiment with all sorts of technologies. And in the case of the upcoming new Acura NSX, that includes new paint processes. Speaking ...

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    What does original Viper designer Tom Gale think of the new SRT? [w/poll]

    The good people at Motor Trend met up with Tom Gale at this year's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance to discuss the new SRT Viper. As you may recall, Gale was one of the designers instrumental in penning the exterior of the first generation bruiser. How does he feel about the successor to the ...

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    Video: Pikes Peak crash survivors speak in first interview, new on-car footage released

    By now you've heard about the most horrific crash that happened at this year's Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. We've shown you the footage of driver Jeremy Foley and navigator Yuri Kouznetsov flying off the course while rounding the same corner at Mile 16 called Devil's Playground that ...

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    Exclusive: Turn 10 talks Forza Motorsport 4 Porsche DLC with Autoblog

    Turn 10 Studios made some big waves when the video game developer announced it had finally come to an agreement with Porsche and EA Games over a licensing deal that would see the German sports cars make it into the Forza Motorsport 4 universe. Autoblog recently sat down with Dan Greenawalt, the ...

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    Chrysler's Jim Press speaks, we listen

    It's still weird to think of Jim Press being at Chrysler LLC instead of Toyota North America. The man had been a staple at Toyota for the past 37 years or so, and we got used to seeing his face next to their logo. But now he's at Chrysler as the automaker's new co-Vice Chairman and President along ...

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    Funkmaster Flex on the Expedition FMF Edition [VIDEO Interview]

    We caught up with Mr. Flex at the 2007 New York Auto Show to talk about his new Ford Expedition Funkmaster Flex Edition and what it's like to apply the flavor of his personal customization to a vehicle that begins life on an assembly line. We learned that applying a two-tone paint job like the ...

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    More details on XM / Sirius merger revealed

    There are a lot of questions surrounding the proposed merger of competing satellite radio providers XM and Sirius. USA Today had a chance to ask a few to Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin, the would-be CEO of the two companies if the merger is allowed to take place. Below are some bullet points from the ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: A conversation with Jill Lajdziak

    Saturn general manager Jill Lajdziak's enthusiasm for her brand is infectious. And really, who can blame her? The charismatic and ebullient Ms. Lajdziak is at the helm of a brand that's critical to GM's product-based turnaround plan and which has seen its entire lineup overhauled over a very short ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: A conversation with Ed Peper

    Ed Peper, the General Manager of GM's Chevy division, has had a very good North American International Auto Show. It began with the unveiling of the Camaro Convertible concept at the automaker's celeb-studded kickoff event. It continued with a pair of awards for the new Silverado pickup truck and ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: A conversation with Ed Welburn

    Yesterday, we sat down for a few minutes with Ed Welburn, GM's Vice President, Global Design, to get his thoughts on the current design direction at GM. He's overseeing a wholesale change in the General's approach to vehicular design inside and out, and for the first time in years, people -- ...

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    VIDEO: Ian Callum on the Jag C-XF Concept

    We're counting down the last few days until the start of the Detroit show, and looking forward to seeing in the flesh (er, metal) what's bound to be one of the biggest stars of the show, the aggressively beautiful Jaguar C-XF concept. Jaguar claims the show car is not a direct preview of the ...

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    VIDEO: Clash of the Titans - Stewart interviews Senna

    Formula One drivers get interviewed all the time, so their media skills have to be as honed as their driving aptitude. But it's not often you see one of the greatest, most legendary drivers of all time being interviewed by another one of the greatest, most legendary drivers of all time. The few ...

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    VIDEO: Hammond's first interview since crash

    Despite the fact that doctors predicted he would be in the hospital for 15 months, Richard Hammond exited the ER after only a couple of weeks following his horrific accident involving a jet car that he lost control of at over 300 mph. Last Friday Hammond gave his first interview on Brit Jonathan ...

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    Autoblog Q&A: James Glickenhaus, owner of the Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina

    We recently discovered James Glickenhaus poking around the comments section of our posts on his Ferrari P4/5 produced by Pininfarina, so naturally we approached the connoisseur of cars to see if he'd be interested in answering a few questions about the one-off Ferrari he commissioned from the ...

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    Bob Lutz on Rover, Toyota, the Chinese market, and the world's best sports car...

    The UK's Channel 4 had the opportunity to sit down with Bob Lutz - General Motors' head of product development, for those living in seclusion - and started the interview by comparing him to Jeremy Clarkson. WTF, you say? It's the dominating physical presence and bountiful opinions of both ...

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    Fear drove destruction of electric vehicles, says EV advocate

    In an interview with the OC Weekly, Doug Korthof states how automakers' lies and alliances with oil producers led to the demise of the electric vehicle (EV). According to this Autoblog Green post, the two industries and their supporters (e.g., mechanics) feared the loss of their profits if EVs had ...

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    Enterprise sees increased rental demand despite higher gas prices

    The New York Times interviewed Andrew C. Taylor, chairman and CEO of Enterprise Rent-a-Car, to see if he expects gas prices to affect his company's services. Taylor actually expects the opposite, predicting more Americans will be traveling on the road this summer than last year, with many demanding ...

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    'Be aware' says Walsh to the Detroit 3

    Tom Walsh of the Detroit Free Press interviews auto analysts, dealership owners, and consultants on their view of the Detroit Three in the form of a follow up to last week's article on trust. Walsh admits the results are troubling. Though he points out those being interviewed are business people ...


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