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    Official: VW introduces radically different new consumer site, draws mixed reviews

    The one thing that is certain in life is change, especially in the fast-moving world of the internet. So it's not usually news when an automaker redesigns its website. However, Volkswagen of America just launched a major revamp of its site to try and make it a less intimidating way to research ...

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    Ford Focus adds on-board WiFi in Europe

    You might figure that, with a name like Focus, Ford's compact model would be all about eliminating distractions. But the new global Focus is jam-packed with technology, and the latest among them is a new in-car WiFi system. The device works with SYNC and MyFord Touch to pick up the signal from ...

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    Video: What happens in an Internet car forum

    A day in the life of an Internet car forum – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Forums are great places for the like-minded to gather and to get information from those who know a subject best. They can also, as comically demonstrated in this vid, be great places for non-enthusiast ...

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    Is the Internet killing America's car culture?

    The number of young drivers on the road these days is steadily declining, according to research compiled by Automotive News, and while that may mean you're less likely to get into a fender bender with a high school sophomore, it may also spell bad news for the automotive industry. The article ...

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    GM to offer in-vehicle WiFi on select models

    Everywhere connectivity is even closer with the announcement that GM will be offering dealer-installed Autonet routers in its SUV and truck offerings. Chrysler was the first to put Autonet in cars a year ago, and Volkswagen signed up in August of this year, putting the mobile router docking ...

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    SAE launches new bookstore and e-Books for on-the-go engineers

    The Society of Automotive Engineers has decided to apply the same forward thinking to its web site it has to its information. Borrowing ideas from the iTunes Store and Amazon, the SAE has revamped its bookstore for easier navigation and added an eBook store for engineers on the go. Navigation is ...

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    VIDEO: Mercedes-Benz myCOMAND concept brings internet safely into cars

    Mercedes Benz myCOMAND interface German automakers have gotten plenty of flack for their less than intuitive Navigation/Infotainment systems, but Mercedes Benz is working hard to change that with its myCOMAND concept. The myCOMAND system uses high-speed wireless Internet with upload and download ...

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    Chrysler's What's New 2008: uConnect web w/VIDEO

    Click above to view a video of Chrysler's uConnect in action.At Chrysler's annual "What's New" gathering at its Chelsea Proving Ground, we were able to get a demonstration of the new uConnect Web system, which transforms any vehicle into a rolling WiFi hot spot. The hardware consists of a WiFi ...

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    We say BMW, you say...

    So here we have the kind of real-time social engagement that the Internet originally promised us. A site called Brandtag allows you to enter a 1-word attribute for a brand -- like "quattro" for Audi -- and then creates a page with the popularity of any brand identifier denoted by its size on the ...

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    Saturn dealers take e-tailing to the next level

    Back in the 90s, many automakers tried to cut dealerships out of the business equation by selling cars online, but OEMs found out that selling vehicles wasn't as easy as it looked. Since then, automakers have stuck to supporting its dealers on the web, and Saturn plans to take online shopping to ...

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    iDrive via IP? - BMW uses Internet Protocol underhood

    There's a variety of flavors of in-car networking standards that corral the large number of embedded computers and nodes present in the modern automobile. BMW Research and Technology, an R&D division of BMW, has found Internet Protocol up to the tasks that the other standards currently perform. ...

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    Pontiac puts its faith in the internet

    Pontiac has been revamping its brand, cutting the ass-ugly (Aztek, Montana) and adding the badass (G8, Solstice GXP). There's a strong desire to shift the median buyer age down. The effort's already underway, and has seen some success thus far, but Pontiac wants the coveted younger buyer. In the ...

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    Close the sale online with AutoNation

    Every automaker has its web presence set up where you can sort of shop for a car. It gets a little difficult when you actually go to get a price quote – you'll get directed to a selection of local dealers, some more willing to deal than others – it's enough to make you wish for a "Buy ...

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    McScapegoat: Ron Dennis blames internet media for losing F1 title

    Ah scapegoating, the last refuge of the defeated. This season McLaren got caught red-handed (pardon the pun) and lost the constructor's championship. Then its poor reliability and performance meant that neither of the team's incredibly talented pilots could lock up the driver's title, either. ...

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    Can't get enough Mercedes? Try Mercedes-Benz TV

    Mercedes has its 3-pointed hands in just about everything, from classic rallies to virtual opera to Fashion Week's around the world. In just two days, at 8PM on July 12, you'll be able to keep track of it all when Mercedes-Benz launches five channels of Internet television devoted to lifestyle, ...

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    VW busted for scamming Google search, gets off easy

    Both Volkswagen and Google have responded to criticism that the automaker's web pages were in violation of Google's quality guidelines. The uproar centers around hidden keywords in flash-based pages. Rather than include the keywords in the meta tag of the HTML page, which is where information about ...

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    Slacker brings internet radio into your car

    It's like Pandora for your car! Slacker, a new web-based radio website has just launched this week. The channel selection is very similar to what's available on XM or Sirius, and we liken it to Pandora because the number of songs you can skip is limited, but the selection is large and the ...

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    AutoNet Mobile rocking wi-fi in your car

    For those of you confined to a movable cubicle, having a wireless internet connection within your mobile office would be a Godsend. Autonet has recognized this need and developed, what the company maintains is, the first in-car ISP, allowing any wireless devices within your vehicle to be hooked up ...

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    Automakers drop mad cash on advertising in 2005, but less than in '04

    Automakers spent $10.46 billion on advertising in 2005, a short step down from 2004 by .85 percent. Significant changes came in the shift from network television (down 15 percent) and magazine ads (down 4.5 percent) to internet advertising (up 16.9 percent, woo-hoo!) and cable spots (up 14.6 ...

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    'Dilbert My Ride': PC Magazine creates a four-wheeled cubicle

    While the notion of drivers that want to access the Information Superhighway while motoring on the interstate highway concerns us greatly, we're reasonably sure that we're outnumbered. In fact, its likely only a matter of time before Bill Gates and friends are hanging out ...


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