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international lonestar

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    Video: Another crazy custom Jeep Wrangler spotted in Morocco

    What in the world is the vehicle you see above? Well, um... yeah. We have no idea. According to the video description from YouTube, however, it's a modified Jeep Wrangler, and it comes from the same person who created the equally insane side-by-side merged Wrangler you saw here. We can clearly ...

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    Nevermind Ford, it's the International LoneStar Harley-Davidson Special Edition

    LoneStar Harley-Davidson Special Edition – Click above for high-res gallery
    What? You thought Ford was the only company allowed to exploit the brand power of Harley-Davidson motorcycles? Guess again. The Harley image is up for sale and semi truck maker International is the latest company to ...

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    Build your own big rig: International launches configurator for LoneStar

    Truckers are like motorcycle riders in the way that they invariably customize their rides. It's probably just as challenging to find a bone stock tractor as it is an unembellished Fat Boy. When you're plying the roads as much as the big rigs do, why not have some fun and stand apart from the rest ...

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    Chicago 2008: International introduces the LoneStar Class 8 big rig

    click above for more high-rez images of the International LoneStarWe give International full credit this daring design that we spied uncovered earlier this year. Still, it appears as though it's taken a giant leap back three decades with the new Class 8 International LoneStar. International said ...

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    Spy Shots: International LoneStar Class 8 tractor

    Click image for 5 more shots of the LoneStarBig rigs are awesome. We freely admit that this isn't our area of expertise, but when something particularly cool and truck-related comes along, we're more than happy to share. Thanks to an Autoblog reader named Johnny, who sent in the photos you see ...


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