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    Jeep Compass, Patriot getting freshened interiors

    Click image for a gallery of the 2007 Jeep CompassWhile everyone's waiting for Chrysler to fix the interiors of the Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Avenger, Cerberus has made a surprise decision to spruce up the Jeep side of the house first. Both the Compass and Patriot are getting freshened interiors, ...

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    Freelander/LR2 to come with 7-passenger seating

    As the all-new LR2 graces billboards all over America, an all-newer LR2 (Freelander 2, to Euros) is already being planned in Europe. Land Rover won't admit to it, but Auto Express claims inside knowledge that a 7-seat variant is being drafted. If such a vehicle is in the works, it won't appear ...

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    Auto supplier preps new interior concepts for Frankfurt

    Ever wondered who sets the trends for vehicle interior design? It's not always the automakers that come up with all the innovative ideas, sometimes its the actual auto parts suppliers that create the technologies that go into new models. At this year's Frankfurt Auto Show, one such company, ...

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    Whaa? Big 3 wins big in Ward's Interior of the Year Awards

    When did the day come that interiors designed by our own domestic automakers were being celebrated as the best in the biz? After decades of dull designs, cheap materials and poor fit and finish, that day would be today. Ward's Auto has released the results of its 2007 Interior of the Year ...

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    BusinessWeek spills beans on '08 STS interior

    click above image to view a gallery of concept interior components from GMThe entire Autoblog team was impressed with the 2008 Cadillac CTS when it debuted at the Detroit Auto Show last month. "You have to sit in it," was the command heard most among the crew, and indeed the interior is as dazzling ...

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    Sibling Rivalry in the Autoblog Garage: Part 2

    2006 Audi A3 2.0T and 2006 Volkswagen GTI in the Autoblog Garage Days 3-4As we mentioned in the first part of our Sibling Rivalry review, we're comparing a base-model Audi A3 to an upper-end Volkswagen GTI. "What's best for VW is just the beginning for Audi" is the tagline we used earlier, and that ...


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