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    Report: Magna Touchskin technology takes a swipe at switchgear in cars [w/video]

    The Touchskin interface has beeen on display since last October; now it's at a stage where Magna is shopping it to automakers. Although Magna is the marquee name, the various components that comprise Touchskin are produced by nine companies: Plastic Electronics, Engel Mould Technologies, ...

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    In-dash nav systems do damage to resale value

    How's this - you pay a nearly ten percent premium to get a factory navigation system in your new whatever, and when it's replacement time, that very same nav system will cost you again, whacking 1% off the car's resale price. It makes perfect sense if you try to use some of the integrated nav ...

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    Flip the bird, change the station: Gesture recognition is coming

    There are many gestures we make while driving that are completely wasted. We flick off the guy who cuts us off and nothing happens (unless he stops to get out of his car and express his point of view with fisticuffs). In the future, we may be gesturing up a storm inside our cars instead of pushing ...


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