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    Report: Intel developing headlights that make rain invisible [w/video]

    When computer hardware companies start getting involved with the development of automotive technologies, you can be sure some futuristic stuff is about to go down. How does invisible rain sound to you? Intel, along with Carnegie Mellon University, has come up with an idea for a new headlight ...

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    Official: Intel socks away $100M for Connected Car Fund

    Here's a stat for you: By 2014, cars will be in the top three fastest-growing segments for connected devices and streaming content. So it's not entirely surprising that Intel, which has continued to diversify its businesses in the last decade, is betting big on the connected car market. To that ...

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    Toyota wants Intel inside its future cars

    Here's a fun fact: According to Mobile Future, the connected car is the third-fastest growing technological device in the world, falling only behind smart phones and tablets. If that's not proof that personal transportation is falling ever more heavily into the appliance realm, we don't know what ...

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    Intel and Foryou team up for next-gen infotainment systems

    If you're not familiar with Foryou, you're not alone. The Chinese component maker has been producing primarily aftermarket head-units since 2002. But as of today, it's getting in bed with the big boys. Foryou is teaming up with Intel to create the next generation of aftermarket and OEM, integrated ...

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    Report: Intel developing new automotive black box

    Big Brother really wants to get into your future vehicle. Intel is currently hard at work on the next generation of vehicle event data recorders, the infamous black boxes that Congress has clamored for since Toyota's unintended acceleration problems dominated headlines earlier this year. According ...

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    Lamborghini-badged VX1 laptop to be unveiled in Monterey

    No, it's not a new high-powered supercar, but the Asus Lamborghini-VX1 will still turn some, albeit geeky, heads. Scheduled to debut in Monterey, California at the 2006 Concorso Italiano "Celebration of Italian Style," on August 18th, the laptop produced by Asus Computer International is borrowing ...


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