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    National Insurance Crime Bureau: Staged accident claims up 46%

    The major recession that began in 2008 has had a profound effect on the auto industry, and even insurance companies have paid a heavy price for the downturn. While legitimate insurance claims have shrunken a bit since fewer jobs mean fewer motorists on the road, the National Insurance Crime ...

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    PSA: If you're going to attempt insurance fraud, you might want to avoid posting on YouTube [w/video]

    Insurance Fraud GT-R? – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    Why is it that people engaged in illegal activities feel compelled to record their indiscretions? It's just a really, really bad idea. And a bad idea becomes an act of outright stupidity when said video is published on ...

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    REPORT: Tough times yield more insurance fraud cases

    They're called owner "give-ups," and their rise is a sign of the tough economic times. Despondent over being financially strapped and unable to cover car payments, vehicle owners are ditching, sinking, or torching their vehicles and reporting the loss to collect insurance payoffs. According to ...

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    People turn to torching cars in bad economy

    Vehicle owners behind in their payments and faced with mounting debts have begun taking matches to their cars and trucks in an effort to stop their payments and collect the insurance settlements. Unfortunately, in most cases the attempts backfire (pun intended). According to police, when ...


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