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    Official: Audi adding search for parking functionality to all connected models

    To help its customers through the nightmare of finding urban parking spots, Audi has rolled out Inrix Park services as a standard no-cost feature bundled into its subscriber-based Audi Connect services. Accessed through the automaker's MMI navigation system, Inrix provides a way to check space ...

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    CES: Inrix introduces first global system to guide your car to empty parking spaces

    When the book The Secret and the law of attraction was all the rage, one of the most common examples we heard of how people used their innate ability to create whatever they wanted in the world was some variation on, "I envisioned there being an open parking spot." Now you can skip the book and ...

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    Study: Traffic congestion goes back up as economy recovers

    There's really no good news about a recession, but if you really hate your commute (and you're not one of the millions of Americans out of work) at least traffic congestion subsides a bit. We don't know about you, but we'd rather see a strong economy even if it means a bit more cars on the road, ...


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