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    Green: Goodyear developing self-inflating tires

    Say goodbye to loud compressors, leaky hoses and inaccurate tire gauges. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, one of the world's largest tire maufacturers, has developed a system which will allow tires to self-inflate automatically. Goodyear's so-called Air Maintenance Technology (AMT) is ...

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    BMW makes 2.1% price increase official

    BMW made it official today, after we told you about it "unofficially" last week. As expected, the German automaker is raising prices across its model range an average of 2.1 percent for the 2009 model year due to "...significant structural and economic changes in the marketplace." Regardless, ...

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    Mr. Toad goes down in flames... a reminder to check tire pressure?

    The feds are so intent on having you check your tire pressure that they're willing to sacrifice toads in the process. Well, not really, but the new NHTSA ad campaign takes a strange tack to inform consumers that summer weather is Hell on tires.The PSA, posted after the jump, portrays a number of ...

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    Seriously, gas isn't THAT expensive

    You've heard this point before, but despite the price of gas being at record levels, adjusted for inflation, it's still not the most expensive we've ever paid for dead-dino juice in the U.S. The Auto Prophet, one of the original auto-related bloggers that's still keepin' it real, found this ...


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