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    First 2010 Subaru Legacy rolls off the line in Indiana

    Click above for a hi-res gallery of the 2010 Subaru Legacy
    The 5th-generation Subaru Legacy has officially begun production, with the first car rolling off the Lafayette, Indiana assembly line late last week to confetti-strewn, ribbon-cutting fanfare. In keeping with Subaru's recent new-model ...

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    Honda shuffles production so it can make more Civics

    As domestic automobile manufacturers cut production and lay off workers because they were caught off-guard when consumer buying habits switched to more fuel-efficient vehicles, Honda will effortlessly shuffle its production to meet U.S. demand for small cars. Without cutting any jobs in North ...

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    Toyota to start exporting U.S.-built SUVs and minivans

    What's built in the States, stays in the States. At least that is how it used to be with one of the world's largest automaker. (The one exception is the Toyota Avalon sedan -- exported to the Middle East last year.) Toyota has now announced that it will ramp up U.S. vehicle production in Indiana ...

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    Toyota may move all Tundra production to Texas

    Click above for high-res gallery of the 2007 Toyota Tundra Limited As of today, production of the Tundra full-size pickup is split between Toyota's facility in Princeton, Indiana, and the automaker's brand new San Antonio plant in Texas. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Toyota is ...

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    Welcome to Indiana, home of the $1,000 speeding ticket. And that's just the beginning...

    States have come up with some neat little quips to get people to slow down for work zones on freeways. "Slow for the cone zone" comes to mind. The Hoosier State has shunned the soft sell and gone straight for the I-double-dog-dare-you-to-speed-here school of prevention by serving up a $1,000 ...

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    First Subaru Camry rolls off the line in Indiana

    No, we're not confused - Subaru's parent company, Fuji Heavy Industries, and Toyota cooked up a deal in 2006 that creates more production capacity for the Camry by having Subaru of Indiana Automotive begin building the country's best selling car. The deal was one of the first fruits born from ...

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    Honda earmarks Civic for new plant in Indiana

    While Honda's Chinese subsidiary is busy recalling more than half a million vehicles, Honda USA will be working on a new Indiana plant that will cost more than half a BILLION dollars. Coincidentally, both projects are scheduled to begin March 19. That's when Honda will break ground on its new $550 ...

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    Honda receives 5,000 applications for 18 spots at Indiana plant

    In late February, Honda announced it would be accepting applications for positions at a new plant it's constructing near Greensburg, Indiana. The Japanese automaker ran ads in newspapers around Indiana looking for workers with experience in Automotive Engineering, Purchasing, Information Technology ...

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    Teen drives 142 mph only to be later than planned

    "It might be the fastest speed ever recorded on the northwestern Indiana county's roads," said Porter County sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Tim Emmons," most people's cars won't go that fast." Not really the thing you necessarily want to be known for during your first year of licensed driving. We can't ...

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    Honda picks Indiana for new plant

    Indiana turned out to be the fairest one of them all for Honda. The automaker announced that its much-anticipated plant, for which it considered numerous sites in the Midwest, will be built on a 1,700 acre site near Greensburg, Ind. to the tune of $550 million. Honda's sixth North ...

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    Indiana luxury car club looking for members

    Want to join a luxury auto club? According to sib site Luxist, for those near Evansville, Indiana, you now have an option. Located at the Buxston Motorsports plaza, members of the LuxShare Auto Club shell out $7,250 to $9,000 per year in order to gain access to high-end vehicles from ...

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    Toyota moving Camry production to Subaru's Indiana facility

    Toyota has announced that it will move its best-selling Camry sedan assembly to Subaru's underutilized Lafayette, Indiana plant. The changeover will free up capacity at the company's main car factory in Kentucky to build a 'new tall station wagon.' Of course, Toyota isn't going it alone... ...


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