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12REPORT: BMW warns employees of looming pay cuts

With 58,000 fewer new vehicles sold in 2008 and a net profit nearly 90 percent lower than it was in 2007, The Independent is reporting that BMW is cutting its board member bonuses by 40 percent. In addition, the balance of its 100,000 employees are facing pay cuts. The sales slowdown will also take a bite out of salaries at all levels, as chief executive officer Dr. Norbert Reithofer, explains:

11Anyone got $18 million for Jacques?

Evidently undeterred by the breakdown in negotiations to get himself into the Busch series, and ever-determined to make it into NASCAR one way or another, Jacques Villeneuve is making some fine progress in starting up his own team.

12VIDEO: why we love independent suspension (NSFW)

If you liked the BMW ad we brought you a few days ago, you'll love what those boobs over at Nissan's marketing department have in store for us now.

1Prius Amberjac, a plug-in hybrid, can regularly get 100 mpg

After writing my post this morning about the attempts to get a regular gasoline engine to top 100 miles per gallon in the 1980s, current attempts to really increase a Prius’ mpg ratio caught my eye in Mixed Power. The news of the Prius Amberjac has been available for a while now, like in this Independent story from a month ago, but it’s interesting to note that both of these mileage-increasing projects are about individuals who take what the automakers produce and try to make it bett

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