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    GM expects sales in China to grow 20% in 2009

    General Motors boasted in April that it would double sales in China by 2013 with the introduction of 30 new or upgraded models over the next five years. Last month, GM forecasted that its vehicle sales in China would grow 10% this year alone and now it seems those numbers may have been a bit ...

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    GM, Ford doing well in China, despite slow sales at home

    While domestic sales continue to slide, the auto market in China is thriving. Both General Motors and Ford have reported double-digit sales growth for the first-half of 2008 in the world's most populace country, with GM moving 590,126 Buick, Chevrolet, and Cadillac vehicles for a total sales ...

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    Fiat ramps up 500 production to meet surging demand

    Fiat's new diminutive retromobile is selling like proverbial hot-cakes, proving right early indications of the car's initial market popularity. With an initial run of 58,000 planned for this year, the Italian automaker has already received orders for 51,000 units from its dealers in Italy alone, ...

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    Ford increases Edge sales projections to 120k yearly

    When we drove the Edge in San Francisco last year, we came away rather impressed by Ford's newest entrant into the highly competitive CUV market. Apparently, we're not alone.Consumer demand for the Edge has continued to increase since its launch, causing Ford to raise its sales forecast from ...

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    SEMA says subcompacts sales are flying high

    In the first quarter of 2006, there were 53,328 subcompacts sold. In the first quarter of this year, 107,942 little engines that could have tootled off of dealer lots. That's a 95.1% increase. At the current pace, according to Ward's Auto, B-segment vehicles will nearly double their last year's ...

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    Ariel Atom getting $6,000 price bump

    It will soon cost you a lot more to distort your face like putty and suck the plugs right out of your scalp while going deaf. What? Er, make that WHAT!? Right. Well, Brammo Motorsports has a hit on their hands with the Ariel Atom, and they've been forced to add more people to keep the skeletal ...

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    Screw You, Top Gear! - Kenne Bell pumps up the GT500

    click the image above for the galleryHere's Top Gear's cure for their idiot dyno test that proved nothing. As much as we love Top Gear, their derision of the GT500 for producing a "mere" 447 horespower on a chassis dyno is pure BS. A 10-percent loss through the drivetrain is stellar, yet the spin ...

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    Alan Mulally making friends fast, receives a raise

    Alan Mulally went to Ford to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and now he'll be able to afford more Hubba Bubba. It's really a stock option bump -- from $5 to $6 million -- as a reward for taking FoMoCo by its earlobes and attempting to drag it out of the mire it's stuck in. We have seen more focus out ...

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    Porsche posts peak profits

    Porsche's sales figures are in for the 2006 fiscal year, and profits are up by over ten percent to a staggering €7.27 billion. Production grew by nearly thirteen percent over last year, putting out more than 100,000 cars over the year. Some would be inclined to attribute the record sales, ...


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