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    Hyundai Genesi go flying off transport truck in South Korea

    Hyundai expects the 2009 Genesis Sedan to fly off the showroom floor. However, few were probably amused when a pair of the brand-new Korean sedans took a leap from a transporter. We don't know many details other than the incident occurred somewhere in South Korea. Of course, we don't consider this ...

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    Another GT-R bites the dust

    Click above for more pics of this bashed up Nissan GT-R This isn't the first Nissan GT-R to find itself looking like an accordion. We brought you another shattered GT-R in Hong Kong in early January, and a GT-R fender bender a few days later in Shibuya (Tokyo). An Autoblog tipster just sent us a ...

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    Richard Hammond crashes again in enduro race

    Our favorite rodent host of Top Gear, Richard "The Hamster" Hammond, was involved in an on-track collision last Saturday during an endurance race at Silverstone behind the wheel of a BMW 330 DTi Sport. Hammond, of course, was almost killed last September when he lost control of a jet-powered ...

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    Countach vs. Cessna

    The Lamborghini Countach was everywhere in the 1980s. It was so often presented as the ultimate car, photographed with celebrities, and generally placed in the spotlight that even your grandmother could've recognized it. Because of its vaunted status, the Countach is an aspirational car that you ...


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