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    Chrysler officially hops on board 12-state credit union loan band wagon

    Last week, GM partnered with credit unions in four states to offer up to $10 billion in new car loans and incentives. Not one to be left shivering alone in the cold, and with November sales down nearly 28% compared to last year, Chrysler LLC has just announced their own 12-state credit union ...

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    Would you buy American if your boss gave you $1,000?

    Chet Czaplicka doesn't own one of the Big 3's suppliers or run a car dealership. Instead, he is the chief executive of a blood-processing firm in the Detroit suburb of Livonia, Michigan. But like most people in that part of the country, he has several autoworkers in his family. And, perhaps more ...

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    GM to delay dealer incentive payments

    From November 28 to December 11, GM is holding back incentive payments to dealers, including dealer cash and customer cash. Why? in the words of Mark LaNeve, GM's VP of North American sales, because "Anytime you can delay any kind of a payment, it helps cash flow" And cash is probably the most ...

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    2009 Ram and F-150 arrive with incentives in tow

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    When automakers unveiled an all-new, full-size pickup a couple years ago, copious amounts of cash would pour in for months on end. A lousy economy and a flat-lined auto industry has made the launches of the 2009 Ford F-150 and Dodge Ram far less exciting ...

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    In lieu of leases, Chrysler wants you to "Shop 'til you Drive"

    Chrysler's departure from the leasing game certainly isn't going to help dealers move stale product off their lots, so the automaker has announced a new sales program unimaginatively named the "Shop 'Til You Drive Sales Event." What'll it take to get you into a new Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep ...

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    Only 5-10% of customers choose Chrysler's $2.99 gas guarantee

    It looks like car shoppers have been smart enough to see past Chrysler's cheap gas guarantee. Despite Chrysler's extension of the offer for an extra month, a very small percentage of actual consumers have actually chosen the gas guarantee over the old fashioned cash back options. As we've reported ...

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    Get 'em while they're not hot! Dodge Rams going for $13k below MSRP

    A tight credit market, slumping construction, an economy on bed rest, an end-of-model year, and high gas prices mean one thing for pickup trucks: lots of brand new trucks waiting for buyers. Dealers trying to shift their 2008 Dodge Rams before the 2009s arrive are taking as much as $13,000 off the ...

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    Dodge launches 2009 Journey with helping hand: $1,000 cash back

    You thought you knew how much a Dodge Journey costs. Well, it's actually a thousand dollars less than that. Why? Because Chrysler is offering that much as an incentive to folks who plunk down the balance on a 2009 Dodge Journey. On the This Is Not Good side, it's the first 2009 model of the year to ...

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    Ford incentives on the rise

    Fresh off news that Ford Motor Company was raising prices by an average of $502 per vehicle, the Dearborn automaker told dealers that the company would significantly increase incentives. The goal is to keep older vehicles like the Mercury Milan and Ford F-150 moving off dealer lots while also ...

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    Forbes picks top 15 most overpriced vehicles

    Using a formula that takes into account what a buyer actually pays for a vehicle, J.D. Power APEAL Survey results and the Consumer Reports Owner Satisfaction Survey, Forbes has come up with the 15 vehicles for which you'll probably pay too. The most overpriced vehicle will cost you $7,158 more than ...

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    2008 Chrysler minivans being sold with incentives already

    Perhaps the rhetoric coming from Chrysler that the market for minivans is alive and well is just that: rhetoric. The automaker's year end Event of a Lifetime sale happens to include its brand new minivans, the Town & Country and the Dodge Caravan, which can be had until December 3rd with $1,000 ...

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    GM follows last month's gains with new incentives on trucks and SUVs

    GM has bucked the domestic trend of consistently giving up market share to Japanese automakers for the past couple months, and with a new round of incentives, the General is hoping to keep the trend going. The Silverado and GMC Envoy are among the vehicles receiving an additional $1,000 in rebates ...

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    GM offering zero-percent financing to move '07 models

    General Motors had a good August, bucking the industry trend with a year over year sales increase. A big part of that success came with zero-percent financing on the Silverado and GMC Sierra, and the General is looking to ride the wave by extending free loans through October first. GM isn't ...

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    Large pickups picked up market share in August

    Even with two all-new models on the market, pickup truck sales have been dragging for a few months now. The battered housing market and high gas prices have been blamed for the slump, but incentives seems to be remedying the problem in quick order, and have resulted in a great month of sales for ...

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    Chrysler puts more money on the hood

    Chrysler is already offering five-year, interest-free loans on some of its cars. As of today, it is also offering six-year, interest-free loans and cash incentives. Cerberus, faced with Chrysler's first decline in sales since it took the controls, is not inclined to waste time trying to raise its ...

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    GM to pay dealers $250 extra for every car sold through month's end

    In a bid to slow a loss of sales and market share, GM is reportedly giving dealers $250 cash awards for every vehicle sold through the end of the month. According to an internal memo reported by Bloomberg News today, GM has seen more than a 9 percent drop in domestic sales this year. The $250 is ...

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    Edmunds corrects itself on Tundra incentive spending

    Earlier today we referenced Toyota disputing claiming that the Tundra was sold in July with $6,861 of incentives per vehicle. That would've been the highest amount of incentives for any full-size pickup sold last month, but it turns out Edmunds made an error and last Friday printed a ...

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    Pickup truck wars heat up: GM offers 0% financing

    A few weeks back, the top brass at GM stated that they intended to remain competitive in the hyper-competitive full-size truck market, and now we know just how serious the General is about protecting its truck turf. Beginning last Saturday, all 2007 extended and crew cab Silverados will have ...

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    Ford extends end-of-year incentives almost two months

    Ford's June sales were down 8.2% vs. the same month in 2006, but retail sales were actually up slightly for the first time since last October. A key to the added dealer traffic was the 0% financing available on all 2007 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury models, with an additional $2,007 going towards ...

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    Game on: Truck incentives set to soar

    The slumping housing market and gas prices have hurt truck sales, so automakers are going to have to step up on givebacks to keep metal moving. Toyota has taken the first shot with thier five month old Tundra, with 0% financing and buckets of cash. Edmunds tallied final Tundra incentives at $5,083 ...


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