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    Report: France says diesel cars a 'mistake,' announces phase-out plans

    Anyone even vaguely familiar with the European auto market knows that diesel-fueled vehicles take up a huge portion of the roads there. A combination of high fuel efficiency, useful torque in tightly packed cities, low CO2 emissions and tax incentives all contribute to the popularity. However, ...

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    Followup: Not So Fast: Subaru says no incentives on BRZ after all

    Sorry to rain on everyone's parade, but Subaru isn't offering any incentives on its BRZ after all. Company spokesman Michael McHale tells Autoblog that the $400 figure quoted in a recent USA Today article can be traced to an analyst's calculation of the value of the current Subaru 2.9-percent APR ...

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    Official: Chrysler launches 'No Payments for 90 Days' incentive

    Chrysler upped the ante for May sales announcing this week a deferred payment program for anyone buying a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Fiat between now and the end of May. The "No Payments for 90 Days" program began Monday and runs until May 31. Qualified buyers financing their new vehicles through ...

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    Report: Shanghai GMC dealer offering five tons of free gas with truck purchase

    Big trucks just aren't appealing enough on their own, at least in some places. For proof, look to a Shanghai GMC dealer who is offering about three years worth of free gas to anyone who buys a new Sierra Denali. Too bad it'll take about 20 years to pay off the big truck. The dealer is giving ...

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    Report: Ford Transit Connect Electric to qualify for $15,000 rebate in California

    The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is set to add an additional category to its Hybrid Incentive Voucher Program (HVIP) that awards buyers of zero-emissions light-duty commercial vehicles, including the Ford Transit Connect Electric, a discount of up to $15,000 on their green vehicle ...

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    Report: Secretary LaHood says plug-in vehicle point-of-purchase rebates could replace tax credits in 2012

    Back in February, President Obama proposed changing the credit for plug-in vehicles over to a point-of-purchase rebate, a move that would likely speed up the $7,500 payment. Under the proposal, dealers would reduce the sticker price of eligible plug-in vehicles and apply for reimbursement from ...

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    REPORT: GM offering special discounts to rejected franchise customers, move angers dealer group

    Realizing that one of its keys to survival is retaining existing owners, General Motors is proactively enticing nearly one million customers – those loyal to now-closed dealerships – with significant financial incentives. According to Automotive News, GM started sending 950,000 ...

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    Government credits 180,000 sales to Cash-for-Clunkers incentive

    Even without a Cash for Clunkers $2 billion extension locked in place by the Senate, the U.S. government bean counters are crediting the auto incentive for moving more than 180,000 vehicles off dealer lots. The big winner so far is Toyota, knocking Ford's Focus off the top-selling vehicle spot ...

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    New Hyundai 'We pay you for buying our cars' campaign really just deferred incentives?

    The Hyundai Assurance program may well go down as the most innovative and perhaps successful marketing campaign of 2009. The program was so perfect for our economic times that General Motors and Ford eventually followed suit with very similar offers. But according to The New York Times, Hyundai's ...

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    Dismal April motivates Toyota to increase production and incentives

    With April's sales volume down over 41% and Ford pushing it aside in the numbers race, the Toyota division is motivated to move units in May. At the request of dealers, the automaker is boosting production of its best-selling Toyota Camry and popular RAV4 SUV. In addition, a new ad campaign, called ...

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    Chrysler Financial turns the screws on dealers

    It's not getting any easier to be a Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep dealer. Last month, when Chrysler Financial asked banks and investors to renew their $30 billion line of credit, they came up about $6 billion short. To make matters worse, the investors forced the automaker to follow much tighter financial ...

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    Only 5-10% of customers choose Chrysler's $2.99 gas guarantee

    It looks like car shoppers have been smart enough to see past Chrysler's cheap gas guarantee. Despite Chrysler's extension of the offer for an extra month, a very small percentage of actual consumers have actually chosen the gas guarantee over the old fashioned cash back options. As we've reported ...

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    Ford ramps up F-150 production ahead of 2009 model changeover

    If you ever wanted to put an Ford F-150 in your driveway, this summer may be the best time to make your move. As the new 2009 F-150 nears production, Ford is increasing its plant's output of the 2008 F-150 to ensure enough supply remains during July and August when plant production will be ...

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    Canada's new budget will add $4,000 tax to SUVs

    The Canadian government's new proposed budget includes both a $2,000 incentive for buying fuel efficient vehicles like hybrids and a $4,000 tax for purchasing less efficient models like SUVs. Unfortunately, the Detroit News article doesn't specify how the budget determines what vehicles qualify for ...

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    Welcome to the family: Ford Edge gets first rebate

    The arrival of the Edge CUV is now complete with word that Ford has just put some cash on the hood of its golden child for the first time. In reality, the incentive is being offered only for base SE models and is paid to the dealer to use how he or she feels fit. So it's not like you'll be seeing ...

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    GM returns to incentives to perk up February sales

    January was a harsh month for the domestics, mainly because reduced sales to fleet and rental companies dragged down the raw number of units sold. Still, General Motors apparently doesn't like the red on the balance sheet and has introduced a new round of incentives to ensure February's numbers are ...

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    Take our cars, please: Top 10 cash-back offers

    Automakers with remaining 2006 inventory are getting desperate in some cases to get rid of their lot. has assembled the 10 best incentive offers based on the percentage off of a car's base MSRP, and Kia tops the list by offering 26.32% off the Sorento and 23.87% of off the Sedona minivan. ...

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    GM celebrates Labor Day with bonus cash

    Today General Motors announced that it will be offering an extra $500 to $1,500 in bonus cash on most 2007 and 2007 models. The offer is part of GM's Labor Day sale and the company stresses that it's not backing away from its value pricing push. The new rebates are in addition to the current ...

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    Nissan tries new incentive: Buy Now, Pay Later

    Beginning today, Nissan is offering its buyers a creative new incentive that it hopes will spur the company's sagging sales. Any customer who buys a Nissan now through October 2 won't have to make a payment for 130 days. That means if you bought a Versa today, your first payment wouldn't be due ...

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    GM announces new incentives through end of summer

    Today General Motors announced a new discount program for Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac, GMC, Saab and Saturn (not Cadillac and HUMMER) that features a little bit of cash back and a lot of 0% financing. The industry is seeing a larger than normal number of people opt for financing because of rising ...


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