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in-car internet

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    Official: GM to make most cars LTE hotspots for 2015

    General Motors isn't the first automaker to deliver in-car Internet access, but a proposed plan announced today could make the technology more widespread than any of its competitors have offered. By the 2015 model year, most Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac and GMC products in the US and Canada will ...

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    Ford working to better integrate internet in its cars [w/video]

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    We've seen Internet-equipped vehicles on more than one occasion over the past few years, but most connected cars and trucks aren't much more than a rolling hot-spot for passengers and (very) distracted drivers. That promises to change over the next ...

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    GM to offer in-vehicle WiFi on select models

    Everywhere connectivity is even closer with the announcement that GM will be offering dealer-installed Autonet routers in its SUV and truck offerings. Chrysler was the first to put Autonet in cars a year ago, and Volkswagen signed up in August of this year, putting the mobile router docking ...

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    Microsoft getting into the car WiFi biz

    The Internet has been invading every aspect of our lives, but until recently most of us have gone without a connection to the World Wide Web inside our cars. That's changing with third party companies and OEMs beginning to offer 3G WiFi solutions for automobiles, and Microsoft says it's working on ...

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    Chrysler officially calling in-car internet "uconnect web"

    Though we've known Chrysler has been planning to offer in-car internet connectivity on its 2009 models as an option through Mopar for a few months now, the Auburn Hills-based automaker has now given it an official name and bundled the technology with a suite of in-car tech solutions. Called ...

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    VIDEO: BMW ConnectDrive mobile internet in action

    The Internet is everywhere, and later this year BMW is joining other digitally connected automakers with its own mobile web service. We gave you details on the ConnectDrive mobile Internet while we were in Geneva, and BMW TV is following up with video of how the technology works. After the jump is ...


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