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    Video: Lamborghini profiled on 60 Minutes for 50th anniversary

    Even though we (meaning car enthusiasts as a whole) don't spend our days driving Lamborghinis, they're somehow a familiar, known quantity. We know we'll be wowed by a Lambo, and we have a pretty fair idea of what the sound and acceleration feel like. We know a Lamborghini is going to be wildly ...

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    Video: Glickenhaus' Ferrari P4/5 Competizione seen and heard testing at Imola

    The Glickenhaus team is hard at work on its Ferrari P4/5 Competizione. The machine was recently spotted getting a thorough thrashing around Imola, and YouTube user Marchettino was kind enough to grab a few clips of the terror in action. Last we heard, Glickenhaus was considering using the ...

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    Private race track club planned for South Africa

    The world's surface is covered in once-great racing circuits. Take Kyalami, for example. Over the course of seven decades during the last century, the world-renowned racing circuit on the outskirts of Johannesburg hosted Formula One races. But the last one was held there in 1993, and since then ...

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    Ferrari Soapbox Derby kicks off at Imola

    Click to view the Ferrari XFX soapbox racer in hi-res What do you think racing engineers do with their spare time? Go fishing? Watch some television? Fill in crossword puzzles? No! They build more race cars! Less complicated race cars, actually. That's what the boys at Bentley did with their ...

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    Monza's been iced out

    We first told you about a little Italian company called Gioielli Circuiti a bit over a year ago. The jewelers craft necklaces and other sparkly things in the shape of race tracks around the world, all decked-out in diamonds, rubies and other precious stones. Being the Italian racing fans they so ...

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    Grand Prix: some hope for Imola, less for London

    The San Marino Grand Prix at Imola may be off the F1 calendar for next year, but that doesn't mean it won't make a comeback. The race organizers are fighting to keep the race, but F1 head-honcho Bernie Ecclestone is adamant that the race won't be on the schedule for the next season. If they make ...


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