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    Video: Check out these safe new ways police can stop criminals in their tracks

    We've all seen police chases where officers have to throw spike strips into the roadway, but an Arizona-based company called Pacific Scientific has created some new tools to stop bad guys without putting any officers in harm's way. Both the Pit-BUL (Ballistic Undercarriage Lanyard) and the ...

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    BREAKING: Hyundai developing competitor for OnStar, Sync... but new system needs a name

    Hyundai Equus – Click above for high-res image gallery
    As part of its product and marketing development process, Hyundai has reached out to owners and enthusiasts to create a network of consumers with which to discuss everything from future models and technologies to advertising tactics, ...

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    Immobilizers to be made mandatory in Canada

    As of September 1st, all new cars, vans, light trucks and SUVs sold in Canada will have to be fitted with anti-theft electronic immobilizers as mandated by Transport Canada. Most carmakers have announced plans to equip their 2008 model vehicles in Canada with immobilizers as standard equipment, and ...

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    Saab ready to field test the AlcoKey

    We reported a long while back about Saab's plan to sharply reduce the number of drunk driving cases involving its own vehicles in Sweden and abroad. Called the AlcoKey, this small cell phone size device is basically a breathalyzer with a radio transmitter that tells your Saab whether or not you're ...


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