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    Report: Idaho, Wyoming poised to get 80 mph speed limits [w/video]

    You should be able to drive across the Northwestern part of the United States a little more quickly in the coming months. Idaho and Wyoming have just passed laws to raise some interstate speed limits to 80 miles per hour. The Idaho law goes into effect on July 1, but there could be a delay because ...

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    Just Like Daddy: Robbie Knievel said to be planning Snake River Canyon jump

    Some might say it is a matter of family honor, others that he is just a man trying to emerge from the giant shadow of his father. If you were to ask Robbie Knievel why he plans to attempt the great Snake River Canyon jump that almost killed his father, legendary daredevil Evel Knievel, he may say ...

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    New Yorkers score lowest on the driver's test

    No disrespect to our friends on the East Coast, but in the "survey results that will probably surprise no one" category: drivers from New York scored the lowest on a Department of Motor Vehicles driving test survey. That doesn't mean New Yorkers are bad drivers ... ahem ... it simply means they ...


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