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    Screw you: Screw-propulsion vehicle coveted by Autoblog

    Oh, the puns for this are absolutely endless! If you're late:"Let's put the screws to it and make up some time." If you're early: "Looks like we have a few minutes to screw around in the parking lot." Like we said -- endless source of amusement. When people get tired of your jokes and tell you to ...

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    VIDEO: Winter approaches. Imprezas wait impatiently...

    When I was in high school, my Dad had a mid-80s Subaru GL 3-door hatch with 4WD. The thing looked like a little silver dune buggy and I loved it, but sadly, he got rid of it before I wound up getting my license. The wee GL was a bit too small for his taste, you see, so he upgraded to a brand-new, ...

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    Instant de-icing film

    While not directly addressing vehicles, sibling-site's Engadget's post on pulse electrothermal de-icing (PETD) technology definitely has applications in the automotive industry.Developed by Dartmouth college professor Victor Petrenko through his company, Ice Engineering, PETD uses a thin ...


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