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ice driving

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    Video: Watch this Audi RS6 go 208 mph... on ice

    In and effort to promote the high-speed grip of its new Hakkapeliitta 8 winter tire, Nokian threw a set of its new rubber on a race-prepped Audi RS6 and got moving – very, very quickly. In fact, on March 9 on top of the very frozen Gulf of Bothinia near Oulu, Finland, Nokian's test driver ...

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    First Drive: 2013 Audi RS5

    Tweaked RS5 On Ice Is More Thirst Quenching Than Before We've admittedly had our share of issues with the approach Audi takes with its RS cars. In theory, "RS" represents the German tradition of heavy-breathing RennSport driving – essentially for cars that can really race. What we have ...

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    Video: Hockenheim recreated on ice, Porsche taken out to play

    Imagine a vast frozen plain of iced-over lakes located 50 miles from the Arctic Circle. Now imagine 500 acres of that expanse converted into a playground for cars. The region is known as Lapland, and it stretches across Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia. Laponie Ice Driving has turned a portion ...

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    Another kind of advanced driving course: Zamboni school!

    The Herbert Wells Ice Rink in College Park, Maryland offers 2-day ice-driving classes. But instead of getting on the frozen stuff behind the wheel of any old Bugatti, Bentley, or Saab, the rink puts you in the captain's chair of a Zamboni Ice Resurfacer. On the first night, you'll learn the ...

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    VIDEO: Bugatti Veyron yields world's priciest roostertails

    Click above to watch three videos of the Bugatti Icecapades after the jump
    Adding a supercar to your collection is cool. Getting your supercar out on the streets, in traffic, is even better. Taking your Bugatti Veryon to a snow track and getting it sideways for the cameras... well, that's the bees ...


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