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5Is BMW ready to increase i8 production?

The BMW i8 plug-in hybrid is really fast. But the car is getting to customers really slowly. The German automaker might be doing something about that.

32BMW says 80 percent of i3 plug-in EV buyers come from other brands

BMW is feeling continued good vibes from its recently launched i sub-brand of plug-in vehicles. The German automaker, which started selling its i3 battery-electric vehicle in Europe late last year, is finding better-than-expected demand for both the i3 and the i8 plug-in hybrid, Automotive News Europe says, citing an interview with BMW executive Ian Robertson.

48BMW expects good things from i3 program, has 100,000 reservation holders

Looks like Britain is not an outlier. Last month, we learned that around 6,000 people in the UK had let BMW know they were interested in the upcoming i3 electric vehicle (also available as a plug-in hybrid). Not a small number, and the overall picture looks good for BMW's first real plug-in vehicle offering (after the Mini E and ActiveE pilot programs). We have now learned from BMW's Ian Robertson that there are 100,000 people around the world who have made reservations for the i3, and a "signif

39Next BMW X1 to share platform with Mini Countryman

When the next generation BMW X1 arrives sometime around 2015, it will be based on a front-wheel drive architecture, sharing its platform with the Mini Countryman. This isn't new news – stories and editorials have been parsing BMW's FWD strategy for more than a year, and in April of 2011, now-CEO Ian Robertson proclaimed there could be six to nine new BMW and Mini models as part of a "compact car family" based on a shared platform.

11Report: BMW to lease (not sell) Megacity EV

BMW's Megacity EV appears to have all the makings of one unique little runabout. The future city car is, after all, expected to be a battery-powered BMW that will feature a body-on-frame chassis made of aluminum and carbon fiber. Automotive News reports that the unusualness of the Megacity EV won't end with exotic materials, as the "buying" process will be unique as well.

3R.R. exec sheds more light on smaller Roller

Looks like quite a few nuggets came out of the Shanghai Auto Show this week, many of them from BMW. BMW already scored some bigtime headlines with their CS Concept, but it looks like there was big news from corporate cousin Rolls-Royce, too. Chairman and CEO Ian Robertson told reporters that Rolls-Royce plans to launch its new "smaller" model by the end of the decade. Talk of a baby Roller has persisted, but this appears to be the first public acknowledgment of an entry-level model with some spe

2Baby Roller will double Rolls-Royce output

We figured the new baby Rolls might increase sales, but Rolls-Royce is saying it expects the car to double output to 1,600 units when the junior model debuts in 2010. That model's design has finally been approved according to R-R CEO Ian Robertson. As we told you earlier, the new model should be getting its own platform with a V8 and possibly the Phantom's V12 as an option. We certainly can't get up the nerve to refer to it as an entry-level Rolls, with prices expected to run between 200,000 and

5Rolls Royce builds 3,000th Phantom

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