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    Video: Washington State bridge collapse victim talks about his ordeal

    Dan Sligh and his wife were headed for a Memorial Day camping trip yesterday evening when the Interstate 5 bridge over Washington's Skagit River collapsed ahead of his Ram pickup. Sligh said he saw a big puff of dust after a tractor trailer struck a portion of the bridge, and the roadway quickly ...

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    Report: BMW planning to slot i5 minivan into new range

    Imagine you're an auto exec launching a new line of cars. One's a sportscar, the other a city car – pretty much opposite extremes on the spectrum of automotive bodystyles. Do you give them alphanumeric nameplates close to one another? Of course not. You assign them disparate numbers to make ...

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    Rumormill: BMW i4 and i5 on the way?

    With the BMW i3 and i8 guaranteed for production (well, nearly guaranteed), rumors are starting to swirl that BMW will add two more models to its high-efficiency i brand. Likely dubbed the i4 and i5, they will expand on the i3 and i8 platforms, respectively. The i4 will likely be a sporty, ...

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    Rumormill: BMW i4 and i5 to focus on affordable performance, families

    There are plenty of numbers between three and eight, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that BMW's recently unveiled i sub-brand will expand after the i3 and i8 go on sale in the next two to three years. A few reports and our own sources indicate that the next two models will be the i4 and i5; a ...


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