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    Geneva Preview: Hyundai reveals diesel-hybrid i-Flow

    Hyundai's home office in Korea has dropped the first frontal image of a new concept that will be shown next week at the Geneva Motor Show along with some technical details. The i-Flow is a D-segment sedan meant to go up against cars like the Ford Mondeo in Europe. Under the hood, the i-Flow has ...

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    Hyundai considers sourcing city car from India

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Hyundai i10.Since last October, Hyundai has been selling the i10 minicar in 70 countries throughout the world. The diminutive sedan is just over 140 inches long (about 20 inches shorter than the Honda Fit), powered by an 80 hp, 1.2-liter four that returns up ...

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    Hyundai i10 Ice Cream van hits sweet spot

    Click to view more of the Hyundai i10 ice cream van We can come up with all manner of criteria for evaluating a car at any level: design, performance, spec sheet, ride, features, technology, value... but the one factor that trumps all others, what it all really comes down to, is how it appeals to ...


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