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hyundai sales

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    Report: Hyundai missing Q1 earnings targets blamed on slow US sales

    Slow US growth is hampering profits at Hyundai. In its first quarter financial statement, the Korean automaker reported a profit of 1.93 trillion won ($1.86 billion). According to Reuters, this is less than analysts' expectations and nearly the same as last year. According to the report, US ...

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    Report: Hyundai-Kia forecasts slowest sales growth in 8 years

    Even with the arrival of the new Hyundai Genesis Sedan (above) and the expected introduction of at least two other new vehicles in 2014, Hyundai-Kia is estimating its sales will only increase by about 4.1 percent this year. Bloomberg has found that figure, which works out to a total of 7.86 ...

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    Report: Business booming for Hyundai in 'Bama, new production record set

    Although it may be a distinction of mild importance on a global scale, Hyundai announced that last month it set an all-time sales record for the month of April. Digging a little deeper, Hyundai-Blog – an enthusiast site not affiliated with the South Korean automaker – is reporting ...

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    Report: Hyundai, Kia ratchet up fleet sales as retail transactions slide

    Automotive News reports both Hyundai and Kia have stepped up fleet sales in an attempt to offset disappointing first quarter results. The Korean automakers saw their sales decline by nine percent compared to last year, while all major competitors managed to increase their sales. That situation ...

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    Official: Hyundai breaks all-time sales record

    Less than a week into the month, and Hyundai has already announced that it has set an all-time sales record for the year in the US. Beating last year's best-ever total of 645,691, Hyundai's record-setting numbers are up eight percent through November, and it has broken monthly sales records in ...

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    Report: Hyundai reduces global sales predictions due to struggling European, Chinese economies

    Hyundai has lowered its 2012 global forecast for the global auto industry by 500,000 units due to faltering European economy and tightening registration restrictions in China, Automotive News has reported. The South Korean automaker had predicted that 77.6 million new vehicles would be sold ...

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    Report: Hyundai to halve fleet sales, aims for 100,000 more retail units

    A sale is a sale, right? Well, at least in the automotive world, that's not entirely true. A sale to a regular consumer is, generally speaking and for a number of reasons, much more attractive to an automaker than a sale to a fleet company (sales to companies or the government, for ...

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    Report: Even with thin inventories and growing demand, Hyundai not looking for second U.S. plant

    Why is this man smiling? Well, it could be because hotcakes only wish they were selling as well as Hyundais. Or perhaps that grin says he knows something we don't – like when and where his company plans to build a second North American assembly plant. Yet Hyundai CEO John Krafcik told ...

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    Report: Hyundai boosting output in hopes of 600,000 U.S. sales in 2011

    Hyundai is making a serious sales push in 2011. Last year, the automaker delivered 538,228 new vehicles to buyers in the United States, but Hyundai's New Year's resolution was apparently to make a run at the 600,000 mark. To accomplish this feat, Hyundai will boost production at its Alabama and ...

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    Report: Hyundai/Kia will likely top Toyota/Lexus for No. 3 sales spot in May

    If forecasts from are accurate, Hyundai and Kia will be the only automakers to post sales gains in the month of May. Mildly interesting news in itself, but the real shocking nugget is that the Korean conglomerate is expected to pass Toyota (including its Lexus luxury brand) as the ...

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    Hyundai announces 5 million units sold in Europe

    It's official: five million Hyundai vehicles have been paired with paying customers in Europe since 1977. It began with a Hyundai Pony sent home with a UK buyer, and the latest milestone was achieved with the sale of an i30 (pictured). Although it works out to roughly 147,000 cars per year over ...

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    Report: Hyundai quarterly profit up 46% to $1.75B

    Hyundai has had a big year, and the results are showing in the form of healthy profits. According to BusinessWeek, the Korean automaker earned $1.75 billion in the first quarter, up 46 percent versus the first quarter of 2010. Overall revenue was up 21 percent to $17 billion. Sales volume was ...

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    Hyundai CEO Krafcik warns against price war, short-term thinking

    Hyundai Motor America President and CEO John Krafcik believes that some automakers are starting a price war, which would be an unwise move that focuses solely on short-term sales. General Motors had strong sales in January 2011, but its 23-percent gain was due to increased incentives and ...

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    Hyundai hits 500,000 sales in U.S. for first time ever

    2011 Hyundai Sonata 2.0T – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It should hardly come as news to anyone reading Autoblog that Hyundai is in the midst of a hot streak. New models are coming out left and right, the automaker's quality is reaching new heights and there are no signs of ...

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    One market where Hyundai sales aren't white hot? Home.

    2011 Hyundai Sonata – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It seems that Hyundai is having a very similar problem to Buick in its home market. Overseas customers can't get enough of its products, but buyers at home are rather ho-hum. Just as Buick is huge in China, Hyundai models are ...

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    Ward's obtains Hyundai doc detailing plan to split off luxury cars in dealerships

    2010 Hyundai Equus - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Before the Hyundai Genesis arrived in showrooms, there was talk of the car launching under the aegis of its own brand, much like the debut of the Lexus LS400 back in 1990. That didn't happen, and premium Hyundai models like the Genesis ...

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    How do you spell Hyundai's Kryptonite? J-D-M

    As Hyundai continues to pull itself up by its bootstraps, the company is moving decisively and picking up share around the globe. However, one key market continues to be so problematic for the brand that they've decided to abandon it altogether: Japan. Rather than dodder around and wait for its ...

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    REPORT: Hyundai may extend Assurance program, go after fuel economy crown

    If you haven't noticed, Hyundai's been on a multifaceted tear lately. Earlier this year, Hyundai came out with its Hyundai Assurance Program, letting customers return their cars if they suffered a loss of employment. CEO John Krafcik confirms that Hyundai Assurance is staying until the end of 2009, ...

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    Cash-for-Clunkers trade-ins account for 7 percent of Hyundai sales in first week

    So far, Hyundai has been the only automaker in the U.S. to accept early trade-ins under the Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS), or Cash-for-Clunkers (CFC), program. Most are waiting for the U.S. Department of Transportation to finalize the program's rules and regulations by July 24th, but Hyundai ...

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    Hyundai and Kia seen using fleets to boost sales numbers

    While most automakers are reporting double-digit drops in sales each month, Hyundai and Kia continue to swim against the current and maintain (or even increase) units sold. According to Automotive News, a significant part of their success is attributable to fleet sales – large numbers of cars ...


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