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8Hyundai rehires R&D president let go over quality issues

Last November, Hyundai announced the resignations of research and development president Kwon Moon-sik and two other R&D executives. At that time, it was said that the executives wished to "take responsibility for a series of quality issues" at the Korean automaker. Kwon Moon-sik had only been in the position for a year, but some of the quality issues thought to have caused the resignations included recalls of the Genesis and other sedans around the world, along with the company's much-public

68Quality issues drive resignation of Hyundai R&D president

Hyundai released a statement Monday announcing that its research and development president, Kwon Moon-sik, and two other executives resigned from their positions, Reuters reports, to "take responsibility for a series of quality issues," according to the statement.

5Report: Hyundai R&D head Lee steps down

One of the main men behind Hyundai's rise to power is stepping down after an illustrious 27-year career. Automotive News reports that Research and Development boss Lee Hyun-soon announced his departure from the Korean automaker this week, citing personal reasons.

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