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hyundai i20

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    Motorsports: WRC driver fills radiator with beer from sponsor Corona

    Rallying requires lightning quick reflexes and the ability to turn off one's sense of self-preservation. This much is not in doubt. Anyone that's ever seen a rally car hurtle along a tree-lined spit of dirt road at high speeds could tell you that. What many people don't know is that it also ...

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    Official: Hyundai announces N performance sub-brand at WRC launch

    It's been well over a year since Hyundai revealed its initial prototype for the i20 WRC at the 2012 Paris Auto Show. Now it's revealed the final version (pictured above, complete with Shell Helix livery) and it's also announced the full team that will field it next year in the World Rally ...

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    Video: Hyundai i20 WRC gets shakedown in Finland

    It's always a good day when we get to post a video about rally racing. It's even better when that video is of a new WRC competitor undergoing testing. This spy video shows Hyundai's i20 WRC, a car that debuted nearly one year ago at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. It's set to usher in Hyundai's return ...

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    Paris 2010: Hyundai teams up with Brabus for sportier i20

    Hyundai i20 Sport Edition – Click above for high-res image gallery
    After a 2008 introduction, the Hyundai i20 is back at the Paris Motor Show but this time it's got a bit of an attitude. Hyundai has teamed up with Brabus to create the i20 Sport Edition. So far the only details released ...

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    Geneva Preview: Hyundai reveals diesel-hybrid i-Flow

    Hyundai's home office in Korea has dropped the first frontal image of a new concept that will be shown next week at the Geneva Motor Show along with some technical details. The i-Flow is a D-segment sedan meant to go up against cars like the Ford Mondeo in Europe. Under the hood, the i-Flow has ...

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    Hyundai reveals three-door i20 ahead of Geneva

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Hyundai i20 three-door
    Fuel- and cash-conscious consumers in Europe will have a new runabout to choose from in April when the Hyundai i20 three-door hits dealers. The lowest rung of the i20 range will be unveiled at next month's Geneva Motor Show, packing ...

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    Paris Preview: Hyundai goes green blue in Paris

    Click above for more shots of Hyundai's Paris 2008 Lineup
    Hyundai is headed to the Paris Motor Show with a bevy of environmentally friendly models and concepts. In addition to bringing along production-intent vehicles like the new i20, Genesis Coupe and Genesis sedan, the automaker will showcase ...

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    Paris Preview: Hyundai to debut new i20 sub-compact

    Click above to enlargeHyundai will have a full display at this year's Paris Motor Show next month, and front and center will be a new subcompact to replace the Getz called the i20. With availability set for sometime early next year, the i20 features five doors and a longer wheelbase than the ...


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