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hyundai assurance trade-in value guarantee

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    Official: Hyundai wants you for the long-term with Assurance Trade-In Value Guarantee

    Hyundai made news recently when it announced its new Assurance Trade-In Value Guarantee program. Now, the program is officially under way. If you purchase a Hyundai vehicle at an authorized dealership, in 24 or 48 months time you can trade that vehicle back in for a new Hyundai and the dealer ...

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    Hyundai launches Assurance Trade-in Value Guarantee

    Hyundai is making a grab for more customer loyalty than it already enjoys with its newly launched Assurance Trade-in Value Guarantee, which, as its name suggests, guarantees future trade-in values on new car purchases. The move falls under Hyundai's wide-spanning Assurance marketing scheme, and ...


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