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    AutoBlogGreen details the Ford Airstream concept

    Click the image above to view our high-resolution gallery of the Airstream ConceptOver on AutoBlogGreen, Sebastian has put together a detailed post on the Ford Airstream concept from an angle you might find interesting. There are details of the construction and the drive-train layout, which ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: Ford Airstream Concept

    click above image to view high-resolution gallery of 22 pics!WHOA, This thing conjures up images of caffeine and nicotine fueled road trips, the KTel 8-track banging away with the requesite matchbook jammed in there to keep it operating smoothly. The nose says Econoline quite clearly, while the ...

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    Ford to debut fuel cell Explorer, redesigned Escape hybrid in L.A.

    UPDATE: New photos and press release available after the jump.It seems as though the Los Angeles Auto Show will serve as the venue for both GM and Ford to bring their eco-friendly offerings to the public.On the Ford side of things, it's been confirmed that a hydrogen fuel cell Explorer will make ...

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    Autoblog Green drives FCX from Honda

    Our man Sam from Autoblog Green recently had the opportunity to spend a couple days in the Golden State, driving Honda's FCX hydrogen fuel-cell sedan.He covers Honda's hydrogen offering in a four-part series, going into detail about the interior, exterior, technology and driving impressions during ...

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    Driving the BMW Hydrogen 7

    BMW decided that it would do its hydrogen vehicle in a different way than most. Rather than building a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle, BMW chose to stick with what it already knew well, internal combustion engines. Set to debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show at the end of this month, the ...

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    Ford assembles $6 million worth of Focus hydrogen sedans... ABG drives one

    AutoblogGreen's Sam Abuelsamid recently had a chance to drive one of Ford's new test fleet cars. And it wasn't just any new car. It was one of the new fuel cell powered Focuses (Foci?). The test drive was held as part of the opening of a new hydrogen filling station in Taylor, MI. Ford rolled out 6 ...

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    Mazda to go it alone with hybrid development

    Despite the past efforts of its parent company, Mazda is setting out on its own path to develop hybrid powertrains. Mazda's senior managing executive in charge of research and development, Seita Kanai, stated that the Japanese company is working independently of Ford to create hybrid vehicles. ...

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    Lutz speaks out on GM's fuel cell plans

    Now that the hype has died down after General Motors' debut of the Sequel crossover fuel cell vehicle (check out AutoblogGreen's ride-and-drive with the vehicle), Bob Lutz is using GM's FastLane blog to dampen some of the unrealistic expectations out in the marketplace, and answer (sort of) ...

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    "Project Driveway": GM launches largest ever fuel-cell fleet

    General Motors yesterday unveiled plans for "Project Driveway", a field market research project that will place 100 hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicles with customers across the United States. A diverse cross-section of customers with varied driving environments will be chosen to participate in ...

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    BMW introduces the Hydrogen 7

    The race is on to build an uncompromised example of sustainable mobility, and BMW has thrown its hat into the ring with the new Hydrogen 7 set to debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. Based on the BMW 7-Series, the Hydrogen 7 features a dual-mode drive that allows its 12-cylinder engine ...

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    SPY SHOTS: Hydrogen powered BMW 7-Series spied

    We've known for a while that BMW planned on outfitting its luxo-barge with a hydrogen fuel cell, but what we didn't expect was that it was already getting some drive time.Some clever photogs under the employ of AutoExpress took a few shots of a 7-Series undergoing testing and through their keen ...

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    Paris Preview: Peugeot 207 EPURE Concept

    The Peugeot 207 EPURE concept looks like a production car because, for the most part, it is. What you see is the new Peugeot 207 CC ... almost. A peek underhood reveals the "concept" part of this little French bulldog: it's powered by a fuel cell. The car's name is an obvious nod toward it's green ...

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    Honda's all about the alternatives

    Edmunds' Inside Line is reporting that Honda is hatching some serious alt-power solutions in the coming years and all of them are headed to the U.S.The Japanese automaker is already experimenting with 15 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles throughout the U.S., but the higher-ups at Honda realize that a ...

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    Hydrogen-powered Z.CAR with speed-adjusted wheelbase

    Sure, the forthcoming Smart car can give you great gas mileage and a small footprint, but it's so, well, uninspired. "Uninspired," however, is the last word you would use to describe Iraqi-born architect's Zaha Hadid's Z.Car. The car was commissioned more as a piece of functional art by a London ...

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    Ford first to begin production of hydrogen internal combustion engine

    Today Ford began production of a dedicated hydrogen internal combustion engine at its Engine Manufacturing Development Operations in Dearborn Heights, MI, which makes it the first automaker to do so. The engine is a supercharged 6.8-liter V10 that will be used in the E-450 hydrogen-fueled shuttle ...

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    Hydrogen fuel cells are the wave of the future - just not the near future

    Senior researchers from automakers around the world agree that internal combustion engines will dominate the automotive market for decades to come, even though hydrogen fuel cells are becoming an attractive replacement technology.Volkswagen's Wolfgang Steiger predicted that fuel cell cars will not ...

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    AutoblogGreen for 05.31.06

    AutoblogGreen yesterday posted on hybrid and fuel cell vehicle reviews, news about old(ish) hybrids and some of the tough laws California may soon trot out to make driving your own automobile a real hassle. Here's the line-up: Lexus GS 450h review in Belfast Telegraph Honda FCX fuel cell ...

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    Nissan's X-Trail highlights hydrogen fuel cell development

    Nissan’s hydrogen fuel cell laboratory-on-wheels is the FCV X-Trail, and the vehicle’s latest iteration highlights the company’s 10-year-long commitment to the hail mary pass of automotive emissions technology. Nissan developed the fuel stack for the newest X-Trail inhouse. ...

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    Toyota Fine-T fuel cell concept appearing again at NY Auto show

    The Fine-T fuel cell concept, which made its first showing at the Tokyo show last year as the Fine-X concept, and also appeared for the first time in the U.S. at the Detroit auto show, will make yet another appearance at the New York Show next week. Many of the features remain the same as ...

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    Detroit fuzz first with hydrogen fuel cell cop car

    Well, it’s not actually the Detroit police. Those brave souls would do well to soldier on with their heavily armored Crown Vics. It’s actually the campus police of Wayne State University in Detroit who have received the first hydrogen fuel cell-powered police vehicle in the world. The ...


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