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    Official: Toyota sells six of every 10 hybrids in California [UPDATE]

    In an apparent shot back at Ford's increasing market share of electrified vehicles and claim that it accepts more Prius trade-ins for its own hybrids than any other car, Toyota has flexed a muscle and played the numbers game to put the Blue Oval in its place. Leaning on its hybrid market ...

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    Official: NHTSA assessing pedestrian warning systems for hybrid and electric vehicles [w/poll]

    The addition of pedestrian warning systems on sometimes near-silent vehicles like the electric Nissan Leaf and hybrid Toyota Prius has been the subject of much debate, but with the U.S. House and Senate passing a measure that requires hybrids and plug-in vehicles to emit an audible sound to warn ...

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    Hybrids rejoin California gridlock as HOV stickers expire today

    The vehicles are no longer novel, their yellow stickers have faded from years of exposure to the sun and, after six years of enjoying the privilege, it's now time for California's hybrid owners to suffer with the rest of us in the state's traffic-clogged non-High Occupancy Vehicle lanes. Starting ...

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    Consumer Reports: 39% of consumers will consider a hybrid or plug-in for next car [w/poll]

    Recently, Consumer Reports conducted a random, nationwide survey of 1,700 vehicle owners. Questions focused on green vehicle technologies and buyer motivation. The survey aimed to uncover what motivate buyers to consider buying a green vehicle for their next car. CR is still analyzing the findings, ...

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    Hybrid sales plummet 40% in August; Prius records 37.5% decline

    2010 Toyota Prius – Click above for high-res image gallery
    One month of dreary sales figures doesn't signal the end of the hybrid, but the numbers reported for August hint that without a rise in gas prices, hybrid vehicle sales will likely continue to suffer. Overall hybrid sales dropped ...

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    Study: 20% of all vehicles sold in U.S. to be hybrids by 2020 [w/POLL]

    What percentage of new vehicles in the U.S. will be hybrid in the year 2020? Take our poll after the jump!
    According to a recent study conducted by JPMorgan, hybrid sales are about to take off. Last year, there were some 480,000 total hybrid vehicles sold around the world, which represents less ...

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    Hybrid sales slide 9.9% in 2008

    Despite all the clamor about how hybrids are going to save the planet, cure cancer, facilitate the second coming, etc., sales of battery-pack-mobiles are down nearly ten percent for 2008. At the beginning of 2008, it looked like hybrids were going to have their best year ever, driven by high fuel ...

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    Plug-in push on for hybrids

    Hybrid automakers such as Toyota, Honda, and Ford spent millions educating consumers that hybrid vehicles don't need to be plugged to an outlet to be charged. But among a growing number of hybrid enthusiasts, there is a burgeoning movement for such technology to be incorporated in future hybrid ...


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