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hybrid synergy drive

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    Teased: 400-hp Toyota Hybrid-R Concept gets second teaser

    Toyota has released a second teaser of its Hybrid-R Concept, along with an estimation of the show car's power output. Using technology that's "similar to that used by Toyota Racing's TS030 Hybrid race car," the concept is expected to deliver over 400 horsepower. The press release also mentions ...

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    Official: Toyota promises Hybrid-R concept for Frankfurt

    Toyota will be bringing a new concept car to the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. Dubbed Hybrid-R, Toyota says the concept will feature the same Toyota Hybrid System-Racing tech found in the automaker's latest endurance car, the TS030 Hybrid. That car took second place at the 24 Hours of Le ...

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    Official: Toyota Auris gets new Touring Sports variant

    Toyota showed off the Touring Sports version of the Auris next to the newly introduced Auris Hybrid at last year's Paris Motor Show, but didn't say much about it. Six months later, just ahead of the Geneva Motor Show, the company is crowing about that wagon going on sale with the Hybrid Synergy ...

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    Paris: 2013 Toyota Auris Hybrid is sharper and sleeker in new form [w/video]

    Toyota may have given us the full spec-sheet on its revised Auris before the car made its official Parisian debut, but our first live look at the next-generation wagon nevertheless proves compelling. The longer, lower five-door looks the part of a better-handling hatchback – just the role ...

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    Official: Toyota Avalon gets 40-MPG hybrid model for 2013

    Given that the 2013 Avalon shares a platform with the new Lexus ES, this news should come as no surprise: Toyota's largest sedan is getting its own hybrid variant for the first time ever. Judging by these first photos, carspotters will have to squint hard to tell that they're looking at a hybrid, ...

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    Toyota passes three million hybrid mark

    Toyota Prius – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Toyota has sold just over three million hybrids globally since it introduced its first, the Toyota Coaster Hybrid EV bus in 1997, followed that same year by the first-gen Prius. More impressive is the fact that more than a million of ...

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    Toyota to provide Daimler with hybrid components, technology?

    2010 Mercedes S400 Hybrid – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Mercedes-Benz is getting hot and heavy into hybrids, and parent company Daimler AG might be looking to a familiar name for help. Reports out of Tokyo indicate that Daimler is in talks with Toyota about getting "motors and ...

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    Followup: Toyota and Severinsky settle hybrid patent dispute ahead of ITC hearing; Ford also settles

    2010 Toyota Prius – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Following on the heels of our earlier report about yesterday's scheduled hearing between Toyota and Alex Severinsky at the International Trade Commission came word that the parties have settled. Neither side has released any details ...

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    First Ride: We check out the 2011 Lexus CT 200h in Europe

    2011 Lexus CT 200h prototype – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Toyota is no stranger to being first – Japanese luxury vehicles and hybrids chief among them. Although Acura may have launched earlier, Lexus remains the only Japanese luxury marque to market in Japan. And having ...

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    VIDEO: 2010 Toyota Prius teaser... now with Blue Man Group

    Click above to see the Blue Man Group play around with the 2010 Prius
    Now it begins to make sense: The previous performance art video teasers for the 2010 Prius were made up largely of edited shots from this teaser, with the Blue Man Group restored to its place. This one doesn't make any more or ...

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    LA 2008: Toyota shows off Camry CNG Hybrid

    Click for high-res image gallery of the Toyoat CNG hybrid Camry
    Toyota isn't holding a press conference at the LA Auto Show this year, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have anything to show. The Prius purveyors have built a CNG-fueled Camry hybrid. According to Toyota spokesperson Jana Hartline, ...

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    Rumormill: Could Lexus become a hybrid-only brand?

    This could be Japanese-only news, or just a case of bad translation, but Toyota Managing Officer Toshio Furutani has apparently told Japan's Nikkei Business News that Toyota wants every vehicle in the Lexus product line to offer a hybrid option, and that "in the medium to long term, Toyota was ...

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    Toyota loses patent appeal for technology in Prius

    Toyota lawyers arrived at the U.S. Supreme Court today and were denied an appeal to overturn a ruling originally upheld by a federal appeals court in Washington last year. The case involved a technology patent held by a company named Paice LLC, which contended that Toyota used the same ...

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    Diesels vs hybrids: DaimlerChrysler vs Toyota

    At the same time Toyota was announcing its hybrid technology product plans for the next five years Tuesday, DaimlerChrysler representatives were in Tokyo to promote their clean diesel technology for the Japanese market. Like the U.S., Japan has never embraced diesels for passenger vehicles, while ...

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    Toyota asks Thai government for large hybrid tax breaks

    Toyota's Thailand arm is lobbying the government for hybrid tax incentives. The nation's biggest automaker is hoping authorities will incentivize its Dual Synergy Drive hybrids with engines larger than 3.0-liters. For its part, the Thai government already allots a 10-percent excise tax on sub ...

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    Nissan Altima Hybrid? Only if you live in one of eight states

    Nissan's first hybrid, the forthcoming 2007 Altima HEV will only be sold in eight states. To put a geographical point on it, the Japanese automaker will sell the eco-friendly sedan in the Northeast and California:  New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine and New ...

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    Nissan goes 180 degrees to develop own hybrid technology

    Nissan, like the German automakers, initially was hesitant to develop hybrid vehicles. But seeing Toyota's and Honda’s success in the fast-growing segment, Japan’s second largest automaker tentatively took steps to the ‘green’ side by licensing parts from Toyota for the ...


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