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hybrid sports car

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    Report: Infiniti hybrid sports car coming by 2016 after all?

    Infiniti makes plenty of good cars, crossovers and SUVs. The premium Japanese brand also has a well-defined presence in racing on the world's largest stage in the form of a partnership with Red Bull in Formula 1. What Infiniti doesn't have, though, is a range-topping halo car. A report from ...

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    Toyota CEO wants to add "fun to drive" to eco-friendly vehicles

    Toyota MR2 Sports Hybrid Concept – Click above for image gallery
    It's been far too long since Toyota's products have been imbued with anything short of clinical, appliance-like precision. Handling prowess and communicative steering has taken a back seat to ruthless efficiency, especially ...

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    China's Tong Jian S11 hybrid sports car attempts to channel inner Audi, Ferrari

    Tong Jian S11 - Click above for image gallery
    Somehow, we managed to miss China's first-ever hybrid sports car at the Shanghai Motor Show earlier this year. Known as the S11 from Tong Jian – which incidentally also seems to be the name of a popular Chinese figure skater – this hybrid ...

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    Lexus looking towards performance hybrids

    Lexus is the latest to join the "we're looking at performance hybrids" chat room. Now that everyone's talking about it, and rolling out concepts, we're only waiting on someone to do something about it -- as in, put one up for mass market sale. Lexus US General Manager Jim Farley said the brand is ...


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