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The fact that auto sales are down from the levels recorded a year ago is no surprise. In fact, it's a bit of a broken record. Note that on Autoblog's monthly By the Numbers post, there's not a hint of green to be seen anywhere, indicating that sales numbers were down across the board for all automakers. That doesn't mean there isn't at least a bit of good news to glean from the doom-and-gloomy sales figures. For instance, both Ford and General Motors posted smaller sales decreases than expected.

According to a recent study conducted by JPMorgan, hybrid sales are about to take off. Last year, there were some 480,000 total hybrid vehicles sold around the world, which represents less than one percent of global sales. By 2020, though, JPMorgan predicts that 11.28 million hybrids will be sold annually, representing over 13-percent of all vehicles sold.

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