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hybrid powertrain

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    Deep Dive: Getting intimate with the 2010 Honda CR-Z's powertrain

    When the 2011 Honda CR-Z hits the streets this Fall, it will feature the latest iteration of the company's Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) mild hybrid system. The basic concept of IMA hasn't changed since the original Insight debuted in 1999, but it has been refined to improve performance and ...

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    Report: In 2020, all cars will be hybrids, Toyota think so too

    In the future, we'll eat all our meals from toothpaste tubes, everyone will be beautiful and healthy, and we won't need cars, what with the proliferation of nuclear-powered jet packs. Prediction is such thorny business, though Toyota isn't making such a fantastical claim by suggesting that each of ...

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    Bosch and Getrag team up for hybrid systems

    The Bosch Group and the Getrag Group announced Tuesday that they will partner to develop and market parallel hybrid systems to provide a near-turnkey hybrid solution to automakers.In a parallel hybrid solution, the electric motor is fitted directly into the power flow of the drivetrain. Under the ...


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