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hybrid patent

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    Mazda gets patent for offset wheel-mounted electric motor

    Mazda was granted a new U.S. patent this week for the design of an offset wheel-mounted motor for electric and hybrid vehicles. In previous wheel/hub motor configurations, the motor has typically been mounted concentric with the wheel. The essence of the patent is that the motor is offset from the ...

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    Toyota Prius importation under threat due to U.S. patent trade case?

    2010 Toyota Prius – Click above for high-res image gallery
    With every new vehicle introduced by Toyota powered by the automaker's proprietary Hybrid Synergy Drive comes a matching complaint filed by Paice LLC for patent infringement. In the latest case, Paice has filed a grievance with the ...

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    EDITORIAL: Attention Wall Street Journal - Ford does not use Toyota's hybrid system!

    2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid - Click above for high-res image gallery
    In a recent op-ed piece published in The Wall Street Journal, Alan Reynolds of the Cato Institute starts by making a few decent points about fuel taxation and fuel economy rules. Unfortunately, he undermines himself with some ...


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