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hybrid car sales

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    Report: Hybrids outsell many market segments in 2012, still struggling

    2012 was a rocking year for hybrid vehicle sales here in the US, and Ward's Auto has written up an interesting piece that breaks some of the sales data down. The number-crunchers have tallied, for instance, that the 427,605 hybrids sold in 2012 is a 64-percent increase on the 261,507 sold in ...

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    Study: Diesel vehicle sales up 27.5% so far in 2012

    Through the first six months of the year, Americans purchased 61,214 diesel-powered vehicles, not including heavy-duty diesel pickup trucks, according to a study by and Baum and Associates. That figure represents a 27.5-percent improvement over the previous year. Not counting HD ...

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    Hybrid sales slide 9.9% in 2008

    Despite all the clamor about how hybrids are going to save the planet, cure cancer, facilitate the second coming, etc., sales of battery-pack-mobiles are down nearly ten percent for 2008. At the beginning of 2008, it looked like hybrids were going to have their best year ever, driven by high fuel ...


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