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24Honda's fix for prematurely dying Civic hybrid batteries hurting fuel economy, performance?

2008 Honda Civic Hybrid – Click above for high-res image gallery

27Toyota: if you need them, Prius replacement batteries are "no big deal"

click for more images of the 2009 Toyota Prius

73Sen. McCain proposes $300m prize for a better battery

Petroleum prices are making electric vehicles and engines which run on biofuels look more and more attractive with each passing day. That's why its likely to be a hot topic this election season as each presidential candidate sets out his own unique proposals to ease the country into a new era of lower fuel consumption. Biofuels may be the quickest path to lower petroleum usage, but it's electric vehicles which present the biggest step forward in clean auto technology looking forward.

9Toyota wonders what comes after lithium?

Even before its first production vehicle ships with a lithium ion battery, Toyota is already making plans for the next wave of energy storage technology. We expect to see Toyota and Lexus products with lithium ion packs sometime around 2010, and Toyota is said to believe that the technology will last about twenty years. Therefore, a replacement will be needed around 2030. For this reason, Toyota has set up a new team of fifty people this month to begin working on the next-next generation of elec

17Honda and Toyota to lower hybrid battery replacement costs

Rendering of the Chevy Volt battery pack

8Has there been a battery "breakthrough" in South Africa?

OK, doubters, get your comments ready. South Africa's Cape Times is reporting on an hybrid battery "breakthrough". This is hybrid as in a battery that can charge and discharge simultaneously, not hybrid as in vehicles (the article can be read here).

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