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    Report: Automakers rushing to new HVAC refrigerant for EPA fuel economy credits

    We don't have any new supercars to show you today. No new Teslas or SUVs. No new engines or technologies. No mergers, acquisitions or big hires. What we have to tell you about is the coolant automakers are putting into their vehicles. Which may not sound so exciting, but it could mean a big ...

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    Paging Captain Obvious: Survey says men like car interiors cooler than women

    A new survey from the UK's Kwik-Fit chain of repair shops apparently proves once and for all that men like it cooler in the car than women. Astonishing, we know. What's more, men and women – drum roll, please – argue over the temperature inside the car. Knock us over with a feather. ...

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    Department of Energy says: 'A cool butt is a hot way to save gas'

    The Department of Energy says that having a hot booty isn't necessarily a good thing. In fact, it argues that ventilated seats (like those of the Cadillac STS that pull away warm air and moisture), could save as many as 522 million gallons of gas if all cars on the road were equipped with the ...


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