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hurst challenger

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    Hurst to offer custom personalization for modern muscle cars

    Hurst personalized Dodge Challenger – Click above for image gallery
    If you're like us, you certainly wouldn't mind being able to park a neo-Hurst muscle cars in your garage. Unfortunately, we'd have to sell the farm, most of our loved ones and a kidney or two just to lay claim to one of the ...

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    Hurst unveils signature color combo on Series 4 Challenger

    Hurst Silver and Black Series 4 Challenger - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    We happen to love the gold theme on the Hurst Challenger, whether paired with black or white paint, but we could see why not everyone would want something Apparently Hurst felt the same way, and has ...

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    Exclusive: Hurst announces Competition/Plus Dodge Challenger

    Hurst Competition/Plus Dodge Challenger - Click above for high-res image gallery
    When we last visited the Hurst facility in Irvine, CA, we noticed something unusual. While nearly all of the Challengers were painted in either white or black, a lone Challenger painted in B5 Blue sat tucked away in a ...

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    How It's Made: Hurst Hemi Dodge Challenger

    How It's Made: Hurst Hemi Dodge Challenger - Click above for a high resolution gallery
    At SEMA last year, the legendary shifter company Hurst made huge waves with its Hemi Challenger. We've been following Hurst's progress of the cars ever since, and even got the chance to get behind the wheel of ...

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    Hurst announces pricing, power specs for Hurst/HEMI Challenger

    Click above for a high-res image gallery of the Hurst/HEMI Challenger
    Hurst, makers of those iconic shifters that sat atop four-speed manual transmissions in classic muscle cars, has just announced official pricing for its Hurst/HEMI Challenger that debuted at SEMA in Las Vegas last month. There ...


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