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44Chrysler's Hurricane engine detailed ahead of 2016 launch

We've been hearing distant rumblings about Chrysler's new Hurricane engine for some time now, but details have been hard to come by. Now, Automotive News is adding some specifics to the scuttlebutt, citing Chrysler documents. According to the industry publication, the Hurricane will blow onto the scene in 2016, but it's not an all-new engine. Rather, it will be rooted in the company's existing 2.0-liter four-cylinder Tigershark powerplant (shown above), albeit with "many new technologies to achi

25Flood-Damaged Sandy Cars Coming To A Dealership Near You

How to avoid a salvaged flood car

The destructive force of Hurricane Sandy last October was jaw dropping, but some more subtle consequences from the storm are still emerging. Some people saw dollar signs bobbing in those murky floodwaters in the form of totaled cars.

7Fisker opening Technical Center in Midwest to develop Atlantic plug-in hybrid

Fisker Automotive has shed more light on its upcoming Fisker Atlantic plug-in hybrid. The company is opening up a new Technical Center in the Midwest for the launch of its second model, which looks a little like a smaller version of the first one.

AddSandy May Have Damaged Fewer Cars Than Initially Feared

Early Estimates Predicted Hundreds Of Thousands Of Vehicles Were Lost

In the days since Superstorm Sandy, an alarming prediction has flashed across the Internet: Hundreds of thousands of flood-damaged vehicles will inundate the nation's used-car market, and buyers might not be told which cars have been marred.

23Hurricane Sandy cost automakers 15,000 vehicles, may have ruined up to 200k

Hurricane Sandy was the largest Atlantic storm in US history, and its total economic impact is just now coming into view. According to Automotive News, Toyota, Chrysler, Nissan and Honda are set to scrap around 15,000 new vehicles ruined by the storm. Nissan alone accounts for about 40 percent of those, with 6,000 Nissan and Infiniti models deeded "un-saleable" due to damage. The company saw 56 dealerships shuttered due to the storm, but 51 of those have since reopened.

25Why Hurricane Sandy fallout will hit luxury carmakers particularly hard

When we say the worst of Hurricane Sandy has passed, we're only talking about the weather phenomena; the depth of the storm's other impacts will take time to measure. Many of the estimated 4,751 car dealers in the states affected by Sandy spent the run-up to the storm moving their inventory to high ground if possible and bracing their dealerships for the storm. Many had already been through Hurricane Irene had some practice, but, as one dealer said, the water levels before Sandy hit were already

23600-hp G-Power 1 Series is excessively cool

Save some unforeseen circumstance we've yet to encounter, you'll never hear us turn down shoving extra horsepower at a vehicle. The minds at G-Power seem to understand that concept better than most and have just finished pumping a full 600 horsepower into the BMW 1 Series M Coupe. The team is calling their newest creation the G1 Hurricane RS, and the car makes use of a supercharged version of the same V8 that powers the BMW M3. Likewise, the tuner's engineers plucked the dual-clutch gearbox from

34Holden restores its first ever concept car, the 1969 Hurricane [w/video]

Holden has resurrected the company's ground-breaking 1969 Hurricane Concept with a complete restoration. The low-slung, mid-engine coupe served as a showcase for technology that wouldn't find its way into production vehicles for almost three decades, including a turn-by-turn navigation system, automatic climate control and a rear-view camera. At the time, engineers relied on genuine ingenuity to load the Hurricane with equal parts performance and technology. The navigation system relied on magne

28Supercharged Hyundai Genesis Hurricane SC to bow at SEMA

The 2012 Veloster may be Hyundai's new hotness, but the Genesis Coupe is still its flagship performance car. And with this year's SEMA show right around the corner, Hyundai is quickly readying a full fleet of tuner cars to debut in Las Vegas. Here, we see the Genesis Hurricane SC – a collaboration between the Hyundai America Technical Center (HATCI) located near Ann Arbor, Michigan, and companies like Magnuson Products, Rhys Millen Racing, Harman International and Torvec Inc.

68Making the best of it by jet-skiing through the streets after Irene

Hurricane Irene was an impressive storm by every measure. Despite losing some of its ferocity before making landfall, the system brought torrential rains to parts of the country that were already suffering from severely saturated soil. As a result, widespread flooding occurred up and down the east coast. One enterprising soul in Oceanside, NY decided to make the most of the situation by taking his jet ski out for a little romp down Lawson Boulevard.

AddUnique Autosports South gets crazy custom-built automotive pool table

Unique Autosports pool table by Hurricane Custom Billiards – Click above for high-res image gallery

18The world's fastest BMW coupe? 230 mph G-Power M6 Hurricane CS

G-Power M6 Hurricane CS - Click above for a high-res image gallery

AddGot no gas? Use E85 to escape the hurricane

Photo by Pixthree. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

36Leave worried, return in style: Gustav evacuee wins Mustang on the way home

Norris Cadiere and his family were among the thousands who evacuated their New Orleans-area homes ahead of Hurricane Gustav last week. The Cadieres, who waited out the storm in Georgia, decided to stop at the Hollywood Casino in Bay St. Louis, MS on the way back to their home in Marrero, which is around 10 miles outside New Orleans. Norris was playing the maximum bet on one of the casino's nickel slots when he got lucky, and the slot machine started going berserk. Cadiere thought he had won hims

15G-Power Hurricane M5 takes the crown as fastest, road-legal BMW

Click above for a high-res gallery of the G-Power Hurricane.

20Repairing childhood trauma with Power Wheels Jeep Hurricane

As a child who was a car geek since he was a knee-high to a back bumper, I coveted a Power Wheels electric vehicle over all the other toys in the JC Penny Christmas Catalogue. Power Wheels were magically self-propelled by something called ewectwicitee and cost hundreds of dollars ($8 bajillion in kid money). I never got one and am emotionally scarred because of it, but am waiting for the day I have my own mini-me and can spoil him on his fifth birthday with his very first car.

3Sales Report: Hurricanes create good looking August sales

Last year Hurricanes Katrina and Rita knocked the wind right out of automakers' sails, who were enjoying three months of healthy summer sales fueled by big incentives and employee pricing. From August through October of last year, however, sales were down 21 percent at GM, 13 percent at Ford and up only 2.1 percent at DaimlerChrysler, the Detroit Free Press reports. Because of this extended period of sales depression, the results this year for the next few months may look rosy in comparison. At

4Ford still thinking about rocking truck world like a Hurricane?

Cancelled last year for a variety of reasons, The Detroit News believes that the Blue Oval has renewed its "Hurricane" next-generation V8 engine program. Despite high gas prices, horsepower and torque continues to sell vehicles, and Ford has found itself falling behind competitors in the full-size SUV and pickup market. Add in healthy competition from Nissan and Toyota's upcoming Tundra, and there is little doubt that Ford would do well to act immediately.

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