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Sure enough, someone out there still wants Hummer. According to a report by The Car Connection, Raser Technologies has put multiple bids in for the General Motors Earth-squishing trucks – both before and after the failed bid from China's Sichuan-Tengzhong. Raser Technologies made a name for itself by converting an H3 into a plug-in hybrid not too long ago, and if the company managed to gain control of the future of the Hummer brand, you could bet your biscuits it wouldn't be too long befor

It's getting tough for even the most ardent supporters of the Hummer brand to continue to keep hope alive. Reports the aficionados at HummerGuy.net: "While many of us were hoping for a last-minute miracle to save the Hummer brand, signs from Detroit are indicating that Hummer production will soon cease indefinitely."

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For years, Hummers – each one somehow bigger and more polluting than the next – were the easiest target in the

Although it has been evident for some time that General Motors' sale of its Hummer brand to Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machines Co., Ltd., we didn't expect for word to come down today that the negotiations are dead and the brand will be wound down. Unfortunately, judging by a press release just issued by GM, that's exactly what will be happening. According to John Smith, GM's vice president of corporate planning and alliances,

It looks like General Motors' deal to sell its Hummer brand to China's Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery is on shaky ground. According to Reuters, the likelihood that the Chinese government will give its approval to Tengzhong has been waning in recent weeks, leading the would-be purchasers to consider making the acquisition using an offshore investment vehicle to skirt the need for Chinese regulatory approval. GM and Tengzhong had originally set a January 31st deadline to complete the

As readily illustrated by the dramatic and protracted sale of Saab to Spyker – a process that itself is not yet concluded – it's clear that extracting brands from General Motors is a time-intensive process. No surprise, then, that GM and Chinese manufacturer Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery have reportedly decided to extend the deadline on a Hummer sale until month's end.

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2008 Hummer HX concept – Click above for high-res gallery

Hummer HX Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

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Chinese National Radio recently reported that Tengzhong wouldn't be allowed to purchase Hummer due to environmental concerns. The company released a statement after that news broke saying that while there was no "definitive agreement," the CNR report wasn't based on facts from the government regulatory body in question, and Tengzhong is still working on the deal.

China's Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery, the company that recently surfaced as the top bidder for Hummer, is about to start talks with Chinese regulators to secure the deal. While General Motors has a tentative agreement with Tengzhong, the two companies have yet to receive the state's blessing, which is necessary for the sale to go through.

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General Motors' potential sale of Hummer to Tengzhong is probably good news for those interested in seeing the company return to independent and profitable status as quickly as possible. The move should see enable GM to shed the negative political and social association of the star-crossed SUV brand and get some money in return. There is actually a better option, says The New York Times' Ethicist.

GM's potential sale of HUMMER to Tengzhong is probably good news for those interested in seeing the company return to independent and profitable status as quickly as possible (and also Rush Limbaugh). GM can shed the negative political association of the land monsters and get some money in return. There is actually a better option, says the New York Times' Ethicist.

General Motors' HUMMER division has long been the whipping boy of the environmental movement, and now even the Chinese government seems to be getting in on the act. Quoting Richard Wottrich, International Managing Director at investment banking firm Dresner Partners, the state-run Chinese media outlet Xinhua starts out a story on Tengzhong's bid to purchase the SUV maker from GM this way:

According to a report from Bloomberg, state-owned Chinese news agency Shanghai Securities News is predicting that it is unlikely the Chinese government will approve the purchase of Hummer from General Motors by Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Co. Why? Apparently, China actually wants to reduce the number of automakers operating within its borders and favors keeping manufacturers with an eye towards fuel efficiency. Of all the labels people have put on the Hummer brand, fuel efficien

When GM finds a buyer for the HUMMER brand, its CAFE levels will be affected in a positive (if very minor, because the H2 is not counted in CAFE figures) way. This isn't the only reason why the General might want to shed itself of the large vehicle division - it's a political liability, too - but every little bit helps. In any case, that anyone is interested in buying a GM product right now is good news for the company, so the current discussions between GM and Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial

General Motors has been trying to unload its Hummer division for nearly a year now. Despite assertions late last year indicating that it hoped to have the troubled brand off its books for good before 2009 rolled around, we are now nearing the end of the first quarter of '09 and Hummer is still wholly owned by GM.

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