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hummer h1

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    Hummer H1 retires from duty next month

    General Motors announced yesterday that the Hummer H1 will be discontinued sometime next month. About 12,000 have been sold to the public since the civilian version first went on sale in 1992.Back then the Hummer was sold by AM General, the original developer and producer of the military version ...

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    Hummer H1 could be headed towards retirement

    When people think of Hummer these days they’re more likely to conjure an image of the H2 than the original H1. A commemorated war veteran, the H1’s sales have fallen to fewer than 400 last year, though each Hummer dealer is still required to accept at least one unit per year. A $140,000 ...

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    Hummer H8: A parody

    The Hummer H8 website (NSFW due to profanity) is a parody* of all those 'manly-man' characteristics attributed to the brand's customer base like physical bravado, sexual prowess and the ability to eliminate the ozone layer in one fell swoop. It's also the perfect vehicle for the woman who can drive ...


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