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hummer h1

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    Report: AM General to offer civilian Humvee kit car

    For anyone feeling nostalgic about the passing of the Hummer brand, or the actual wartime vehicle that inspired it, now is your chance to own a version of the original HMMWV, albeit without an engine. After a 12-year hiatus from the civilian vehicle market, AM General is reportedly set to offer ...

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    SEMA 2010: Zero South Biodiesel Electric Hummer shows its guts

    Zero South Biodiesel Electric Hummer - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Zero South, a company that popped up at SEMA in 2008, is back again with its Biodiesel Electric Hummer. The heavily modified H1 rides on tracks at all four corners – a necessary modification, since this Hummer is ...

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    BREAKING: GM announces Hummer sale cannot be concluded, brand to be wound down

    Although it has been evident for some time that General Motors' sale of its Hummer brand to Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machines Co., Ltd., we didn't expect for word to come down today that the negotiations are dead and the brand will be wound down. Unfortunately, judging by a press ...

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    STUDY: Hummer owners believe they've made "a highly moral consumption choice"

    There probably isn't any one passenger vehicle on earth that earns more ire from environmentalists than the Hummer H2. While the reality of the matter is that most Hummers aren't really much worse when it comes to fuel mileage and overall emissions than any other giant SUV (most civilian Hummers ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Hummer H1 gets beaten with aerodynamic ugly stick

    Custom Hummer H1 on eBay Motors – Click above for image gallery
    It takes a special talent to infantilize the brute strength of a Hummer H1, but someone's gone and done it with an oddly swoopy redesign. One of only two made (yes, there is another), this unique Hummer features a custom hood ...

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    HUMMER ends sponsorship of Rod Hall Racing

    Click above for high-res gallery of our time embedded with Team HUMMER
    The swan song (or would that be swan hummer?) has come for HUMMER's involvement with Rod Hall Racing. HUMMER has announced it's ending sponsorship of the team that has brought it numerous race championships and victories. Last ...

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    Determined man builds HUMMER H1 from tired Ford F-150

    Click above for a high-res image gallery of the homemade HUMMER H1
    var digg_url = ''; Life is stranger than fiction. If anyone tries to tell you differently, simply point to the Canadian man who built the truck you see above, from scratch. Francois ...

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    Contender for next-gen HUMVEE looks battle-tested in Baja

    Now that the Hummer -- the original Hummer H1 -- is distinctly out of flavor, the U.S. armed services are busy looking for its replacement. Having put out a request for proposals, one of the supposed leading candidates is this: a Joint Light Tactical Vehicle developed by Navistar and BAE Systems, ...

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    HUMMER attacks perception problems with "Purpose Built" campaign

    HUMMER's image has always been one of excessive excess. While much of that portrayal is due to GM's own marketing, the people who purchase the imposing 'utes – be they high-profile celebs or well-to-do suburbanites – have done more to define the brand than GM's marketing boffins ever ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Tupac Shakur's H1 gets around

    click image above to see more pics of Tupac's H1Like the rapper himself, his accouterments also refuse to die. Tupac's H1 is for sale on eBay, after having been raffled off in a contest on BET, then sold to someone else, then sold or given back to his family, then transferred to his entertainment ...

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    AM General to lay off 160 more workers

    AM General says because of Hummer-sized dropoff in sales, it will cut 160 jobs at its Indiana plant by year end. Company officials say expensive gas and relatively large sticker prices are two obstacles even the lane-hogging Hummer H2 just can't overcome. H2 sales have also been cannibalized by the ...

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    Hummer H4 headed for Detroit

    Among the many showstoppers General Motors has planned for the North American International Auto Show in January, its military-inspired off-road brand HUMMER will be unveiling an H4 concept. The oft rumored H4 will be smaller than the successful H3 SUV that's currently driving HUMMER sales and will ...

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    Cartalk names Top 10 Scariest Cars

    What do the 1980 Chevy Monza and the 1973 VW Microbus have in common? They are among Car Talk hosts Tom and Ray Magliozzi's Top 10 Scariest Cars list. Of the Monza they say, " Whenever one of these beauties reared its ugly grille in front of the garage, every mechanic with more than six weeks' ...

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    H2 factory shuts the line down for two weeks

    GM has recognized that dealers are suffering from a severe glut of H2s on their lots and has determined that the best way to avoid adding to the over-supply problem is to cease production at its Mishawaka, Indiana plant.This is not the first time that GM has made course corrections in the ...

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    Another toy HUMMER! Ninth exclusive toy available at dealerships

    Fathers jealous of the HUMMER Happy Meal toy will no longer have to resort to ordering lunch in a colorful cardboard box to share in the fun. HUMMER announced today that a new HUMMER toy will join the current lineup of eight that the brand has been stuffing in Happy Meal boxes since the beginning ...

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    Get a HUMMER in your Happy Meal

    Why is Ronald smiling? Because he has the new HUMMER Happy Meal toys before everyone else. Starting tomorrow, one of eight toy HUMMERS will be packed in each "boy" Happy Meal ("girl" meals will feature Polly Pocket, so don't fret if you've got a daughter, moms and dads). The full HUMMER lineup is ...

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    Hartge gives BMW 1 Series the hot rod treatment

    BMW tuning specialists Hartge Engineering are very familiar with the first rule of hot rod builders everywhere - there's no replacement for displacement. That's exactly the principle they applied to BMW's European entry-level model, the 1 Series, when they gave it an engine transplant from the M5. ...

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    Owning a HUMMER has never been so sweet

    Even if a HUMMER is not a sweet sight for a lot of folks, this post from sibling site Luxist is almost guaranteed to bring a smile. Artist Heidi Hesse has created a full-sized replica of the original HumVee out of gumballs. She created the hard-shelled SUV in dedication to the soldiers who gave ...

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    Mod eliminates Hummer mileage problem...or does it?

    High gas prices combined with the Hummer's bottom-of-the-barrell gas mileage should spell doom for sales for the boxy SUV, right? Well, two Hummer dealerships may have found a technological workaround. Sib blog engadget reports that Detroit Hummer and Hummer of Novi are selling a modification, ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #31

    We're back from a short hiatus and Chris is all rested up from his week+ long trip across the country working on this year's One Lap of America. He and I talk about the event and some interesting autos that showed up to compete in Brock's baby. We also reveal the deal on Jason Vines taking issue ...


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