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    Melbourne '08 Preview: Holden to unveil Z06-powered super HSV sedan

    Today at the Melbourne Auto Show in Australia, GM's Holden subsidiary is rumored to debut a new super sedan based on the Commodore and developed by its highly capable Holden Special Vehicles division. The exact nomenclature to be affixed to the sedan's flanks is unknown, but we expect a suitably ...

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    Chevrolet Special Vehicles debuts in Middle East with the CR8

    Click image for a gallery of the CSV CR8The Middle East is a key export market for GM's Holden division, as LHD versions of the Commodore, Caprice, and Statesman sedans are sold there under the Chevrolet Lumina and Caprice nameplates. Until now, the highest-performance vehicle exported to the ...

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    Sydney 2007: Holden Commodore Sportwagon and HSV Maloo break cover again

    Automakers go to great lengths preventing images and details of new cars being released prior to their official debut, but sometimes, well... often, they still fail. Holden is the latest automaker to suffer this fate, with images of its new VE Commodore wagon and high-performance HSV Maloo ute ...

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    Vauxhall VXR8 to prowl UK roads

    click above image for hi-res photo gallery of the VXR8 var digg_url = ''; This is the UK's new Vauxhall VXR8, which also happens to be Australia's HSV Clubsport R8 (ignore that "based-on" nonsense....this is as straight a rebadge ...

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    Brisbane Motor Show: Aussie Utes

    Click on the image for a gallery of high-res images of Ford and GM Holden Utes.At the Brisbane Motor Show, which started on Friday, Ford and GM Holden, plus their tuning groups Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) and Holden Special Vehicles (HSV), had plenty of top Aussie utes on display, ranging from ...

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    Brisbane Motor Show: Aussie muscle

    Click on the image for a gallery of high-res images of Ford and GM Holden muscle cars.At the Brisbane Motor Show, which started on Friday, Ford and GM Holden had plenty of muscle on display at their booths courtesy of their tuning groups, Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) and Holden Special Vehicles ...

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    Holden Efijy concept appears Detroit-bound

    Usually, the biggest splash at any given auto show is made by something new, exciting, and never seen before. This January in Detroit, that logic might fly right out the window, as it looks like the sublime 2005 Holden Efijy concept, an HSV-powered throwback hot rod lovingly built by Holden ...

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    HSV Grange: Next GM Flagship sedan... please!

    Click to enlarge What choices does the dedicated GM "car guy" have when he wants to drive something that has all-around performance, is a rarity on the road and isn't a Corvette or Cadillac? Hopefully someone at The General has the insight to see that such a vehicle is already being produced and ...

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    Holden HSV E-Series lineup unveiled

    The Holden HSV E-Series cars officially broke cover yesterday, courtesy of the Australian website. This comes just a few days after shots of a ClubSport R8 were accidentally leaked onto the web.The ClubSport R8 in the leaked photographs is joined by the the the similarly bespoilered GTS ...

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    Holden HSV unintentionally uncovered

    Embargos don't seem to be working the way they used to. Traditionally, buff-books would get pictures and details about a particular vehicle sometimes months ahead of it launch, ensuring that specific articles would find themselves printed in specific publications at specific times. The newest ...

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    HSV Maloo R8 Ute breaks production pickup truck speed record

    If your slow-ass pickup truck is making you late for work, perhaps Holden's HSV tuner division can offer a solution in the form of the Maloo R8 Ute. With 400 HP courtesy of a General Motors GenIV LS2 small-block V8, the almost-a-truck ran a two-way average of 168.66 MPH on a ...


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