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hover car

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    ETC: Artist imagines eerie world where cars have no wheels

    The wheel ranks right up there with the telescope and four-slice toaster in the pantheon of inventions that have moved humankind forward. But what if a circle in three dimensions had never occurred to anyone, and we all had just moved on without it? Perhaps we'd be driving around in Lucas Motors ...

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    Video: Volkswagen pretends its Chinese hover car is real

    Last year, Volkswagen China began its People's Car Project, which gathered crowdsourced concepts for future VWs. Among the three concepts chosen from the submissions – the Music Car, a Beetle wrapped in LEDs that change colors to match the driver's choice of music; the Smart Key that can ...

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    Official: Volkswagen's People's Car Project in China has produced three concepts [w/video]

    In 2011, Volkswagen commenced its People's Car Project in China to create crowdsourced concepts of the VW of the future. More than 33 million people visited the site, and three concepts were created from the inputs: the Music Car, the Hover Car and the Smart Key. The Music Car is a Beetle ...

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    Report: Pentagon looking for flying Humvee

    During World War II, the Jeep was one of the key pieces of hardware that helped win the war for the Allies. By the time Vietnam rolled along, lousy roads and inhospitable terrain meant the helicopter had cemented itself as the troop transport of choice. But while both the Jeep and the helicopter ...


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