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    SEMA 2007: Hot Wheels tries something new to celebrate its 40th

    Click image for live gallery from the Hot Wheels SEMA press conferenceTo celebrate its 40th anniversary of scale dream fulfillment, Hot Wheels decided to do something it has never done before. The company allowed designers from outside itself to develop concepts that will be turned into actual Hot ...

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    VIDEO: DIY rocket-powered Hot Wheels

    Show of hands. How many of you used Black Cats and cherry bombs to incinerate large numbers of Hot Wheels as kids? Especially the pink ones, right? Because they were for girls. Do you know how much those cars in their pre-charred, uncrispy state could be worth right now? What were you ...

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    VIDEO: James May breaks land speed at 1/32 scale

    It probably takes considerable effort to get funding and engineering for a vehicle that can break the land-speed record or 458 mph. To achieve such a speed at 1/32 scale, you only need James May and 45 English Scalextric slot car fans. Just past the jump, you can see a terrific video that May put ...

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    VIDEO: Polly Wheels to spark auto-interest for the gals

    Click the image above to view Polly Wheels in actionMost of the Autoblog readers have been fostering a love for the automobile since a very early stage in life. We collected Hot Wheels and Matchboxes, and we had model cars and remote-controlled hot rods. The one thing those toys have in common is ...

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    New York Auto Show: Polly Wheels gives young girls their own line of die-cast cars

    Update: We just added a gallery of high-res photos of the Polly Wheels collection.There is an exhibit area at the New York Auto Show with a staggering 1,190 vehicles on display. And it's "manned" by a trio of vivacious pre-teens playing "Race to the Mall" with a new line of die-cast toy cars made ...

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    Melbourne: Hot Wheels dresses up its booth with HSV GTS

    Click for one additional photoAnyone who's been to an auto show knows that even the displays belonging to non-manufacturers usually have some kind of flashy car featured as the centerpiece. After all, a sweet ride is an easy way to get foot traffic into your booth, and really, that's the name of ...

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    Hot Wheels offers limited edition Camaro and Challenger

    At the very least we're about one year away from seeing the production version of the Dodge Challenger, probably longer for the Chevy Camaro. We can't wait that long, and we're guessing neither can you. Hot Wheels has come to the rescue with two pairs of limited edition miniature motors.Beginning ...

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    The baddest Hot Wheels race ever created

    We love the Hemmings blog, because those guys have a habit of digging up some of the coolest stuff you'll see on the web when it comes to classic automobiles and related fun. You should bookmark them if you haven't already, because if not for Hemmings, how would we ever find stuff like the video ...

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    SEMA: Hot Wheels brings hot rods

    John Neff checked in from SEMA all excited about Mattel's Hot Wheels booth and we totally understand. We'd be willing to bet that many regular Autoblog readers have 1:64 scale hot rods doing 360s on their desks.Mattel knows their market, and sent not only hundreds of their beloved miniature cars, ...

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    How to design car toys for high-tech kids

    HotWheels Radar Gun ($24.99) Gary Swisher is the guy who has everybody's dream job -- he's the design chief for HotWheels, Tyco and Matchbox, and he's in charge of designing the cool and timeless dream cars in miniature that we only wish we could have when we grow up. He's also the guy ...


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