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3ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons talks hot rods, cool cars

Billy Gibbons is well known for his music, his super-long beard and, since the Eliminator 1933 Ford Coupe debuted on MTV in 1983, hot rods. The man is fanatical about his cars and he sat down with PowerBlock Magazine to talk about rods and rock 'n' roll.

38Metallica, the car show?

How'd you like to go see Metallica at this summer's Orion music fest? Sounds good to us, but this makes it even better; the cost: Free.

9Automoblox debuts full-size hot rods and trailer set

Automoblox full-size HR3 hot rod – Click above for high-res image gallery

8eBay Find of the Day: $45,000 hot rod couch

eBay hot rod art couch- Click above for an image gallery

1Autoblog spends a day at the 22nd Annual Seal Beach Classic Car Show

Click above for huge high-res gallery from Seal Beach

1Woodward 2008: Hankering for Hot Rods?

Click above for a gallery of Hot Rods on Woodward

3Ferrari and hot rodders not so different

It's not so easy to say Ferrari owners are kindred spirits to hot rodders. The stereotypical Ferrari owner enjoys speed, luxury and refinement, while the stereotypical hot rodder prides himself on do-it-yourself ingenuity, raw muscle and sometimes cobbled-together bodywork. But Ryan Cochran at Jalopy Journal manages to bring the two sides together as car people, arguing Enzo Ferrari was, at heart, a hot rodder.

14SEMA: Hot Wheels brings hot rods

John Neff checked in from SEMA all excited about Mattel's Hot Wheels booth and we totally understand. We'd be willing to bet that many regular Autoblog readers have 1:64 scale hot rods doing 360s on their desks.

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