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horsepower wars

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    Report: Number of 500+HP vehicles on sale tops 70

    We've long maintained that we live in the best era of automotive history to date. Today's vehicles are safer, more efficient, faster, more powerful and more controllable than ever before. Need proof? In an age dominated by talk of ever tighter fuel economy regulations, buyers now have access to ...

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    Engine power has increased 112% since 1980... and other fun facts about the Horsepower Wars

    The Horsepower Wars – Click above to view infographic
    var digg_url = ''; In this day and age, even the average sedan is packing some serious heat under the hood. It didn't use to be like this and there was a ...

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    Rumormill: Ford's Power Stroke diesel getting power increase to beat GM Duramax

    2011 Ford Super Duty – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Volatile gas prices and increasingly stiff emissions standards were supposed to kill the auto industry's horsepower wars, or so we thought feared. Recent news out of the General Motors and Ford camps appears to prove otherwise. ...

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    EPA seeks armistice in horsepower wars

    Margo Oge, EPA director-office of transportation and air quality, has made a plea to the auto industry to end the current horsepower wars that have produced such vehicles as the 620-hp Corvette ZR1. Instead, she hopes the industry, specifically domestic automakers, will start a new war, a green ...


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