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    Report: VW to accelerate US model rollout

    Volkswagen of America continues to see a sales decline, and the automaker is getting desperate to stop it. From January through April, Volkswagen sold 118,154 vehicles, down 10.4 percent from the year before. Something has to be done to stem the losses, and the business thinks it has an idea ...

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    Video: Man creates multi-car horn emulator to better startle slowpokes

    Ever been so mad in traffic you wish you had more than just a horn and a finger? Ben Hallert has your answer. It seems he got so tired of bad drivers that he decided to make his car horn sound a little more forceful. Now his Pontiac sounds like a line of cars blaring their horns. To achieve that ...

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    Video: Do I make you horny? Ford says, "not so much" if you live in the U.S.

    You'd think designing a car horn would be easy. Press the wheel, make it beep, and call it a day. It's more complicated than that, as Ford's Patricia Seashore can explain. Ford adapts its horns to suit the needs of drivers around the world. Different cultures use the horn in different ways . ...

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    Honk? How 'bout "Move it, Sucka!"?

    It'll cost you about the same as an iPod, but it's so much cooler. Or obnoxious. Mike Kosco dreamed up a way to make his Hummer growl, as well as sing whatever nuggets that could be crammed into 256 megabytes, too. If you're driving around a Hummer with the Incredible Hulk on the hood, you should ...


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