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    Study: Turbochargers set to double in US over next 5 years
    North America Is Second-Fastest Growth Market, Honeywell Says 1412602200

    As the public portion of the Paris Motor Show gets under way this week, attendees will no doubt see dozens of vehicles with turbocharged engines. In Europe, such technology is common. Two out of every three cars on the road have turbochargers under their hoods. That's not the case in the United ...

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    Report: France formally moves to ban Mercedes vehicles using contested refrigerant

    That didn't take long. Shortly after a French administrative court gave the French government a ten-day window to reconsider its ban on registrations of Mercedes-Benz A-, B- and CLA-Class cars using the prohibited R134a refrigerant, the government cited an EU directive to formalize banning the ...

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    Report: French court lifts registration ban on Mercedes with contested refrigerant

    The brief alphanumerics R134a and R1234yf are codes for a growing battle between carmakers, states and the EU. The air-conditioning refrigerant R134a has been banned by the EU for being too damaging to the environment, with R1234yf mandated as its replacement. Daimler and Volkswagen say that in ...

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    Report: VW joins Daimler's protest of new A/C refrigerant as EU deadline for compliance passes

    The case of Dupont and Honeywell's refrigerant R-1234yf is doing the exact opposite of keeping things cool. The two chemical companies have spent years and hundreds of millions of dollars developing R-1234yf to replace R-134a, the new refrigerant shown to be 99.7-percent kinder to the environment ...

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    Report: Turbo sales to accelerate by 80%, could make up 40% of global offerings

    It's an increasingly turbocharged world out there. At least according to Honeywell, one of the major automotive suppliers for turbochargers around the world. And it's easy to understand why – as fuel mileage requirements are increasing, engine sizes are decreasing. To continue offering the ...

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    Honeywell tapped to provide turbos for Ford

    Ford has committed to putting 500,000 vehicles on the road annually with its Ecoboost direct injection + turbo technology, which means the Blue Oval is going to need a whole bunch of turbochargers. After some searching, Ford has chosen Honeywell to be the supplier that puts some fuel-sipping pep ...

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    Jay Leno's bio-diesel turbine supercar isn't a joke

    UPDATE: Live shots from SEMA show floor added after jumpJay Leno may have made fun of corn farmers and the Toyota Prius, but he unveiled a stunning mid-engine supercar that is environmentally friendly and hopefully an inspiration to young car enthusiasts. The covers were pulled off Leno's EcoJet on ...

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    General Motors actively reducing Delphi parts count

     Bo Andersson, General Motors' vice president of global purchasing admits that the automaker is actively working to reduce its dependence upon bankrupt Tier-1 supplier Delphi. In fact, GM held a meeting with a number of different companies to ask who would like to make up for the ...

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    Honeywell orphans crash test dummies

    Honeywell International announced Wednesday that it will sell its First Technology Safety Systems unit, which provides integrated crash testing solutions (including an extended family of crash test dummies), to a European private investment group for $87.3 million. FTSS is based in ...


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